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    I was injured in a work accident 5 1/2 years ago in Virginia. The results of the fall include bulging discs and chronic pain. The insurance co simply didn't pay as ordered. My attorney turned his back after the decision (in my favor) and wouldn't return my calls, emails, or faxes. After 6 months his assistant calls to ask how everything is going. Out of money, out of patience, and out of frustration I told him. A few days later I recieved a letter from the attorney stating I could not call his office and treat his people this way! THEY called me, and asked! However since then I have written many lawyers trying yo get some help with this case and have had no luck. I NEED AN ATTORNEY FOR A WORK COMP CASE IN THE STATE OF VA. Is there anyone who gives a damn??

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    Don't know, sorry bud

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    Check them out good before you hire.

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    where in va

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    Lightbulb Re: Work Comp Attorney

    I do not know where in Virginia you are located. You could call Ms. Beverly
    Ombundsman at workers comp, explain your situation and get some good
    advice (it's free)

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    Michelle Lewane, Injured Workers Lawfirm, **********(I currently have an appt. with her to discuss my case.)

    Andrew Reinhardt ******** (involved in changing w/c laws and isn't always the best about protecting your rights, but if he is in the mood to work for you can do an incredible job. Told me I couldn't get a Sleep Number bed ordered for my injury and I fired him. I got the bed and a hospital bill paid without an attorney. Honestly, he would be my last choice if I couldn't find anyone else to help.

    Jerrry Lutkenhaus ********(this guy has a website where he personally answers questions and will tell you if he thinks he can help you. He sometimes will give advice over the phone too free of charge!)

    Geoff McDonald *******(Also involved in changing VA w/c laws and is very aggressive. The problem is that he rarely wants to take cases that he doesn't think he can make a big fee on.)

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    You can't post phone numbers like that.
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