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    CITIZENS REPRESENTING CITIZENS is a small, new effort to push for change in the way the Dept. of L&I handles the Washington State Industrial Insurance Act. Along with , and we are working to inform the Citizens of the State, either currently beleaguered by the unjust, inappropriateness of the Dept. of L&I, formerly having been, or at risk to be. To this end a petition has been placed on line that is available to the citizens of the State of Washington to read and sign. The Petition may be found at:

    Change of the Administrative Handling, Allowing Legal Recourse for the Inappropriate Handling of the Washington State Industrial Insurance Act Petition.

    As well the injured worker or family member has many resources available in print and on line to find the needed information to correctly address their disgusts with the Dept. of L&I such as the laws of Title 51 RCW & WAC 296 as they pertain to the Industrial Insurance Act.

    It is an unfortunate long hard battle that the Dept. of L&I is paid to wage, whereas the injured worker is required to find monetary sustenance to afford the day to day expenses, let alone the new found cost of healing the injury, while being either partially or totally disabled. It is only through a united effort that "We the People" will be able to make a system intended to benefit us work in that manner.

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    I was told by my orthopedic doctor to look you up . I have been fighing L&I since 1992 when I had a bad work injury. The IME's put me off for over 10 years to fix just my back. causing me a lot of pain and suffering. The state had no choise but to go threw with the final fusion after 3 dis operations. I was crushed in this acciedent and they only wanted to address one injury , when there was clear evidence of cervical,throdaic, laumbar and knee injuries. Now I cannot walk a block and need my knees operated on . but Im having to waste my life not working to fight for funding. Iv had offers all over the world to go back to work, and I tried , I lasted 2 weeks in Albania , working on Embassy jobs but my knees will not handle the load. And L&Is IME people, say there is no abject worsing and is again stopping my recovery.
    If you can help , I would be very gratefull, thank you anyway.
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