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    I was a Nurse's Aide in Port Huron Michigan, where I lost 2 children on the job due to the job, years later I popped a hip out not knowing I asked the DON what was wrong, she acted dumb, the pain decreased in a week or so. On my periods once a month the pain in the hip increased so bad that I had to force myself to forcus on my job. Months later I helped lift a patient, I felt something pop and my arms felt like electric currents were going down them. THe hospital told me nothing was wrong, I went back to work. After half the night went by, the pain again started while assiting someone to the toliet. I went and got help, then left to seek my own medical treatment, this doctor took the test necessary that you would if you had a pinched nerve, that's what I thought it was, after months of the test, she told an x-ray, I had 2 broken bones in my upper back, I needed a bone specilist. While I was at this doctor I was recieving many harassing phone calls from my employer, then they decided to put the injury to WC system, I told the assistant adminstrator I did not want WC, she insisted. While in therapy the therapist broke bones in the lower back, I could not feel my legs for a few minutes, he panniced, but I thought he would of at least told the doctor what he did, I was sent to another doctor whom took many test while he was playing head games with me. He finnally took a MRI and found my neck broken in 3 places, then he sent me back to work full-duty and said "You are too young to have anything wrong"
    Well that night I went back to work, then quit. How an employer could play a game after I lost my children due to his (profit) company, I don't know. But he did.
    THe settlement was $13,000.00, this was so I could get medical insurance, that never happened. The WC system drove me nuts along with the job. THen the CMH system got ahold of me, they increased drugs on me till the status of limitation was expired.
    Funny thing a person, like myself, settles for peanuts, then never gets the proper medical attention due to fruad form a doctor, and negligence from a therapist. I could of took the place for millions, but I have morals, WHen WC insurance is paid out the increased debt goes somewhere--to the patients weather it be care cuts, food cuts, activity cuts, these elderly residents get and feel the cut. I loved my residents, and my job. BUT...............
    Yet, it doesn't pay to be nice to an employer, because my life has not only been turned upside-down but altered, I have been rolled continuly, I was raped in a Mental hospital, and my career has been destoryed to the point that I am on disablity. I can not carry children the way most women have, I have been pregnant 4 times and have only 1 child, this is because the first one's cord was ripped while I lifted a resident with her son. I was about 5 months along and could tell that it was a boy. The next day I went to the doctor, told him what happen, I didn't write this up because I was young and thought I could have more children, I was pregnant about 8 months later, 3 months along, I was kicked in the stomach by a resident at the Nursing Home, when to the doctor, explained what happen, never wrote these instances up, was told too, but, didn't. Can prove this happened.
    I was treated by the adminstration the WC system and the public as if I was the villain, trying to screw the employer, Yet, I told the assistant adminstrator that I didn't want WC. She insisted, then I get screwed, I have been altered, rolled, raped, made into a complete fool, and insulted by the WC system and the CMH system.
    I fought through a depression when losing 2 children in 1989, the injury was in 1991, only to be put in a depression intentionally by the Workers compensation system, then held there prisoner by the CMH system altered and abused by all.
    I was an American, till a system that insistes that the fault of an injury is the employee, I was harassed by the Adminstrator since the day he hired me, I was there 7 years and planning to become a Registered Nurse. This never happen.
    Before a system like the WC system takes sides, they need to talk to the employee. I was intentionally screwed because I didn't kiss up to the boss. I would of perfered too have a family insisted of being made into a mental patient. MY CHILDREN WERE ALSO DRAGGED THROUGH THIS SYSTEM TOO MADE INTO A SPECTACLE FOR THE AMERICAN POPULATION. I WANT JUSTICE FOR MY CHILDREN THAT THIS SYSTEM DECIDED TO REGARD AS NOTHING. I cannot find a lawyer too look into this case, nor can I trust the police system too look into this corruption since they themselves had a hand into this. WHat happen to the USA that I once knew, that as a child stood up with my hand on my heart and said the pledge. This is no longer a country that I am proud of, and I plan to move to another one soon.

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    Default Michigan Workers Comp System

    I was rolled, raped, altered, degraded, insulted, humilated, and destroyed. While a Nurse's Aide in Port Huron, MI, I lost 2 children due to patient care. Popped a hip out one night during a transfer. THe DON acted like it was nothing, well that hip made bones in my upper back brake, months down the road. THe hospital took an x-ray, said nothing was wrong, but then again the hospital own the nursing home. I went to get a doctor. Nerologist, thought it was a pinched nerve. She took test, then x-ray, there was 2 bones in the upper back broken. I need a bone doctor. While at this Nerologist my employer was calling harassing me " if you don't come back to work full-duty, you don't have a job."
    Well once I needed a bone doctor, WC was insisted by the assistant adminstrator, I did not want workers compensation, I was caring for myself and wanted the proper care.
    While in therapy the therapist broke my lower back, I couldn't feel my legs for awhile. THen the doctor sent me to another doctor. WHo took more test and a MRI, he found that my neck was broken in 3 places, this is a result of the upper middle bones being broken. HE stated all that was wrong then said "you are too young to have anything wrong." He sent me back to work FULL-Duty. I went back and quit that night. I was furious at this game that the adminstrator play with his workers. I lost children and he insist on play with my health.
    THe Settlement was $13,000.00 instead of insurance as I asked for. This will get you your medical the lawyer said. Well this never happen the Workers Compensation drove me nuts. Too get the money back. My father spoke to a WC worker instead of me. Next thing I know the CMH system has ahold of me to never let go till the workers comp. status of limitations was expired.
    THese systems working together roll you (my credit was excellent), rape you (I was raped in a mental hospital), alter your charactor (I was doing thing I would of never done) and destroy your career (I planned to be a RN). This is done to me to show all injurier adults not to claim a claim. Now I didn't want this I was paying for my medical care, not to recieve a dime from anyone. BUT, I should of been asking for millions, they can not replace your life with money, they can not replace your children, that's why I didn't sue for them, and you will never have a good day. Pain alters your life, my daughter sees her mother more sick then good days. And I did at one time have hope for this physical injury to heal. I knew that the Adminstrator hated me he made it obovious, why did I react to him as I did, because I love JESUS. Yet, the system took my spiritualness and turned it into a mockery. DON'T let this happen too you. GOD wants us healthy so we can do his work, whether you work in a Nursing home, Bank, Office, factory, or pick up garbage, you are important, too GOD. And he wants you HEAlth for all that have been screwed by this SYSTEM, Needs healthy people to help us who were made to look bad in the eye of the public.

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