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    what forms do i fill out and where do i get them, to be paid lump some "wholeman" award benifeits owed me? i was told they would be paid over two years. at the end of next month it will have been two years.
    sharing a similar story to one read here... i was originally injured in 1995. understanding i was 4% gone and paid for that in 96, i returned to work. my employer worked with me to allow me to work at my old job. in 2000 i had to reopen the claim as a result of complications to my injuries. in 2001 i had surgury and was reevaluated for the fourth time now at a greater %. making twice what i was in 95, i was paid for wages from 95. injury at 4% was in 95... the 15% above that was not diagnosed untill 2001. when i was paying taxes twice what i did in 95.
    i was told by a comp. worker that i should have been dishonest and lied that it was a new injury. and that those who make these laws are'nt intellegent enough to figure that this happens to alot of folks and make allowances for them. thats who we are having to deal with.

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    To apply for benefits and help with forms call the state of West Virginia's Workers Compensation division at 1-800-628-4265

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