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    I'm new to this workers comp stuff. I am a healthcare manager who had an accident at work in the office - result of some negligent construction on part of building owner. I am having some real physical problems, but am still working. Have received 5 weeks of medical attention, but am beginning to feel that I am very poorly managed by current medical providers. I can't seem to find out specific guidelines on medical care - how do I get a second opiniong/change doctors - do I need specific approval or can I just do it? Can I use a doctor in another state? I live in Ohio and work in WV and know a great doc in Ohio but don't know if I can use him or not. All the regulations I read seem to revolve around paying benefits for workers who are not working. I really don't care to be off work, so long as I can keep doing so, but I am getting sick and tired of having medical problems that keep getting put off - "for weeks at a time". Can someone tell me where to go or who to talk to to get more info. I believe I'm going to have to go the lawyer route because I'm certainly not getting any help anywhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    If anyone knows of a good attorney in Charleston, would appreciate a name. I'm not looking for an "ambulance chaser" - just a very good, ethical attorney who knows workers comp inside and out and can help me get the care I need without all the runaround.


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    Well I know there are a few in Charleston but I know of a atty in WV that is top notch - Patrick Carrick 599-4990

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    I just want to tell you, that they will destroy your life. I have been trying to get medical help for 7 years. Today they denide me again. I can't walk half the time without medication. I have bllod building up in my hip and pelvic bone. And they still don't care. Office Of Judges in wv need to go back to school. Good luck, aand always remember they will lie to you throughout your case. Sincerely

    a friend

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    Sorry I forgot to tell you, Attorney Hinerman is a good attorney and that is what you will need. And if you need help, try going to the pain center. Comp has to authorise everything so maybe you can get a head of their game.

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