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    tesstess Guest

    Default West Virginia's Comp Sucks

    I worked as a janitor for 5 years and made a whole 560.00 a month.i herniated 1 disc in the neck and also have a bulging disc in the neck.. i have been screwed from day one.... i get 288.00 every 2 weeks when i think i should be getting 172.00. well comp and my attorney say this is right. but i average getting a lousy check about every 6 weeks. so i am changing docs, maybe he can do better paper work.i hurt all the time across the shoulders and especially down the left arm. doc released me to have rehabilitation. my worker told me to job hunt at least 5 hours a day. well after 2 weeks weeks, i couldnt take it anymore and the doc put me off again. i dont understand this rehab crap.... i have an 8th grade education and other than doing janitorial jobs, i had run a cash register about 14 years ago. thats it !!! I am not dumb, but not educated. thought they would send me to school, but was told that will never happen, cause comp figures that at the money i made i wasnt worth it !!!! anyone went thru this crap???? thanks

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    peaches Guest


    HI TESS;
    DID YOU MEAN $560.00 A MONTH OR A WEEK? $288.00

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    tesstess Guest


    hi peaches, i am in the state of west va..... i made 560.00 a month before taxes... w/c says the pay is right and so does my so called attorney !!!! hm go figure huh?

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    david Guest


    Dear Diana Milam, September 04, 2002
    My name is David Mark Postle and my claim number is 950005020. I am sending this letter to inform you of my status at this time, and over the last month. I decided to end my rehabilitation with West Virginia Northern Community College, and search for gainful employment due to the fact I can no longer make a life for myself as an claimant receiving $207.00 a week. In hopes of finding employment in the southern part of West Virginia, believing it has to be better than the Northern panhandle came as a surprise to me. After placing 65 resumes out to gain employment from Charleston to Princeton I received only two interviews both at a minimum wage offer. My living conditions have become dreadful residing in a 1975 disabled camper with no running water, improper bathroom facilities, and no heating this has become depressing to me beyond my own beliefs.
    While here I was able to test and gain a universal certification in air conditioning and refrigeration something I can look at as a positive for me at this time. I sent 5 resumes to North Carolina and received 2 telephone interviews for employment however transportation becomes and issue, for I do not have a reliable vehicle. I want to settle my claim at this time in one lump sum in order to relocate to North Carolina to work for a company that I interviewed with paying between 14 and 16 dollars an hour. I also request that all mail from your office relating to my claim be sent in c/o Charles Postle
    P.O. Box 154 Odd, WV. 25902 (304) 787-3266
    cc: Matt Archer Medical Rehab One Thank You
    rehab worker in New Martinsville WV. David Postle
    assigned to my claim.

    Dear Sir,
    My name is David Mark Postle I am a 41-year-old man. Born and raised in West Virginia with generations of Appalachian morals and values in stored in me by my ancestors. I consider myself to be a person of humanitarian nature, a value this state helped me become, and by teaching me to help others in need. I began in Elementary school by gathering canned food for those less fortunate than myself. Our constitution insures us the right to pursue happiness.
    From September 1986 to February 2000 I worked as a childcare worker helping children, runaway, throwaways, abused and neglected children often offering my own home as a shelter. I preformed my duties from the heart with written letters of recognition to support my dedication to helping others, but I ask my self how do I come back from workers compensation. On August 5,1994, I was involved in an accident. The large truck that struck us resulted in fracturing my neck and damaging my spine. After recovery came rehabilitation, nerve blocks and a completely different kind of treatment. August 1, 2002 I arrived in Odd, West Virginia to live in a camper, cutting my ties with WV. Compensation leaving the rehabilitation program designed for me. In hopes of finding gainful employment in the southern region of WV. Believing it had to be better than the Northern Panhandle. My income of $826.00 a month made it very difficult to exist in return I filed for a lump sum settlement listing the bills I intended to pay if granted my sum in whole. Needless to say I was denied, Due to the fact I didn't have bills high enough to satisfy them, I attempted to explain that I was below bills. Reminds me of a David Grubb movie filmed in Moundsville, WV in 1971 titled FOOLS PARADE.
    Thank You ,
    David M Postle c/o Charles Postle 2903 Odd Road, Odd WV 25902 (304)787-3266

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    pat Guest


    My Friend recently got an 11% impairment rating. Is she entitled to anything else? Is there any kind of settlement in a WV Workers Comp case?

    She's been off work now for about a year. She had surgery on her shoulder, and is still off work.

    After an injured worker gets the impairment rating, isn't there some kind of settlement that she is entitled to?

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    anonymous Guest


    Yes the rating determines the length of the permanent disability payments; the more serious the injury ,the higher the rating, and the longer the payments.

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    tiredofit Guest


    This stae is in trouble with comp. It is broke because of all the people on compensation whom really aren't hurt and don't deserve it. It has been abused for years and years. And now the compensation rates are so high...businesses can't afford to pay it. That's because West Virginia is run by lawyers and you can bet they are lookin out for their own buts. They have helped people that they know wasn't hurt to receive comp and live on it for years so they themselves, the lawyers keep the money comming in. It is abused and the people that really need it.....they get the shaft

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    flrose01 Guest


    YOu should try FLorida wc if you think Wv is bad.
    FLORIDA wc stinks

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    anonymous Guest


    WC stinks in every state and usually fairly equally.

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    hurtz Guest


    bull tiredofit!,

    who do you think you are? you are just an insult to suffering wv comp folks!
    you are just a company stooge/spy!
    you are just towing the company line and dont care about us at all!
    how dare you even post here!
    are you a publican? perhaps a lawyer or consultant or just full of crap n brainwashed!
    either way, i severly disagree with you!

    >>>wv comp is broke because of people like you!
    people who are liars and murders and serial defaulters who never pay into wv comp as they should and then close and reopen under another name... then blame it all on injured workers...

    wake the heck up and snap out of it!!!
    ...if you are brainwashed... if not may GOD severly punish you and all else responsible for workers comp laws, etc...
    most folks haven't read the laws and history..
    comp laws are a shame and always have been...

    i cannot have more contempt for you and your company "friends", ya'll need to pay!
    many know the truth about evil, dirty, rotten companies and politicians!
    that is why we have Unions, lawyers, laws!
    do you ever read the WORD? GOD will Judge you!

    >suffering in pain every day and comp dont care...

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