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    i'm sorry. i've misunderstood what this deal was all about and i'm afraid i've used it as a way to vent my anquish while unable to sleep. my sincere apologies to all for my posts.

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    no sleep for days on end, let me just tell everyone that is injured and going through this maze of insanity. after my surgery four years ago, when that 120 day TTD benefits period expired that it was performed under occurred and i &#39;automatically&#39; had to go for an IME for a PPD rating, several actually...WC&#39;s, my employer&#39;s, and EVEN my own stupid attorney made me go to a doctor of his choosing...&#40;so just look at the waste of money involved&#41;...nobody listened to me, nobody reviewed any records or films i handed them. apparently they knew what role they played, and all of them IGNORED THE FACT that not only had i not been found to be at a maximum degree of medical improvement by my treating physician, but i was awaiting authorization for further testing. and the lies and inaccuracies in some of those doctors&#39; reports were absolutely phenomenal. so then i got a stupid check for PPD, i called my lawyer wanting to return it and just find out when i could get the tests i so desperately needed done, and that&#39;s when he said to stop worrying and let him handle everything for me. even during a meeting in his office with some rehab lady, he said it again. then with the passage of time and an ALJ&#39;s final decision, i learned he hadn&#39;t been turning a single solitary thing in for me, he never took depositions from my doctors like he said he would...NOTHING. so anybody that becomes jaded, therefore vulnerable to accepting their own lawyer&#39;s words of &#39;stop worrying and let me handle it&#39; or &#39;trust me&#39;...BEWARE. i&#39;d advise to go ahead and knock yourself out anyway like i used to in the beginning of all this, so you don&#39;t slip through the cracks too. because it is pure <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> living like this.

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