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    confused Guest

    Default How does PPD work

    If you have a 5% ppd rating, at 30 weeks, how is that calulated? What is concidered the healing period? how is this added into the payment? And is this only if your off of work.
    or even if you returned back to work? It's all so confusing. Thanks

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    sh Guest


    You physician determines when you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement or end of healing period. Permanent Partial disability is not paid for being off work but for loss of earning capacity and therefore is paid whether you are off or not.

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    gg Guest


    re confused:

    Now I am confused . A 5% rating yielding 30 weeks of PPD would have to be based on a body part worth 600 total weeks, but in Wisconsin there is no body part rated at 600 weeks total. So either your 5% figure, or your 30 week figure is off. What body part has the ppd been assesed to?

    The amount you are paid is based on a statutory maximum which is based on what year you were injured. If your injury was in 2005, the maximum PPD rate was $242 per week, so even if you make $1,000 a week, you only get $242. So for 30 weeks, you multiply 30 by $242 and get a total of $7,260.
    You get this PPD amount when your healing period has ended. You get this regardless of whether you go back to work or not. If you dont go back to work, you may be entitled to more benefits as well.
    The healing period is basically the time from your injury date, until a doctor says you have reached maximum medical improvement, meaning you are not going to get any better than what you are now.
    Helpful? ANy other questions?

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    confused Guest


    I'm not sure. Maybe 5% of $242.00 for 30 weeks. I don't know. I'm told $363.00 will be my amount. I was hoping either sh or gg would have the answer. The both of you seem to know pretty much about this stuff. luckily we have the both of you, to help us out.

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    stretcher45 Guest


    Wow, i'm so glad i came into this forum because lots of things i didn't know. This month is a year that i have been on w/c and not working. And my doctor has said that i'm at MMI. So does this mean that w/c can stop paying me? Thanks,, Vic

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    sh Guest


    you should start your own thread rather then take over this one - especially since "confused" may not be finished.thankx

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    gg Guest


    re confused:
    Tell us the following info please:
    What body part was hurt?
    What year were you injured in?

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    gg Guest


    re Stretcher45

    It means they can probably stop paying you TTD benefits every week. Did your doctor say anything about permanent disability? Did you have a surgery? They may still owe for medical treatment even if you are at an end of healing, unless there is a doctor saying you dont need any more treatment.
    You may be entitled to other benefits if your employer does not bring you back to work.

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    confused Guest


    I had a crushed injury to my index finger the ppd (5%) is from the second joint. it happened about a couple of months ago. It's just so hard to understand how all of this works. Thanks, sh and gg for the help.

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    gg Guest


    Re confused:

    The second joint of the index finger is worth 30 weeks total. So if you lost the whole thing in an amputation, you would get paid 30 weeks of permanent partial disability (PPD). The maximum PPD rate in 2005 is $242, so that is what you get paid per week of PPD. U have been rated at 5%, meaning that compared to a 100% loss, you have only a 5% loss of that joint. 5% of 30 weeks totals 1.5 weeks.

    So you are entitled to 1.5 weeks of PPD. So you multiply 1.5 by the PPD rate of $242 and get a total of $363. This matches your number.

    Make sense?

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