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    jt Guest


    We live in Tennessee and my wife is on workmans comp for a herniated disc and pinched nerve. This past weekend there was a meeting with lots of attorneys and the state legislature. This state along with others are trying to pass restrictions on workmans comp that could make it ever more difficult for the injured worker. They are wanting to put a limit on how long you can be on workmans comp and also a limit to the amount of medical attention you can recieve. IF this passes I dont see how workers can continue to be protected. With this in mind, we are going to try to settle our case as soon as we can

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    gt Guest


    Settle ? and - "as soon as we can" ?

    i sincerely hope that your Wife has received medical treatments, care and other benefits necessary for a more successful return into the workforce.

    Workers' Compensation Proposals towards Reform are currently underway in SEVERAL States.

    As an injured worker, I urge your Wife and yourself to please slow down and consider the very long term affects AND impact that any too "swift" of actions can - and will have upon your lives and future.

    Good Luck To You Both

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    jt Guest


    GT...thanks...we are considering everything, but if these reforms go into place, then it doesnt start from that point. It will go back to when you were say that you are only allowed to be on for 6 months...well thats not 6 months from the ruling..thats 6 months total...they are going back to when you were injured

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    jt Guest


    GT...if these reforms go through, then you will get nothing from your injury beyond the limits they place on how long you are on WC and medical treatments.

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    in Guest


    It is true that they are back dating reforms to apply to all cases regardless of date of injury. But I have heard that there are many people just waiting in line, including attorneys, to test the constitutionality of doing such. It seems that making rules up after the fact is subject to some controversity.

    At this point no one knows exactually what will happen. Right now it is truely just speculation. In the meantime, it is really up to the work comp judge to decide how he sees it.

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    gt Guest


    Yes, I understand that JT. I would like to suggest that you remain focused AND informed. Realize that Legislative changes will not just happen overnight. A major process; such as WC Reform, undergoes many "give and takes" before reaching final resolution.

    I urge you to stay abreast of your States Assembly & Senate WC "Hearings". You can do this by going to the Website of the major newspaper located in your States Capital - enter Workers Compensation in its search box, and you will then gain daily access to a variety of information about current WC Reform now taking place in Tennessee.

    Insurance Carriers' and their Lawyers might just be banking on WC Claimants and their possible "over-reactionS" to ALL of these... "what ifs"? !!

    My advice ?.... D O N' T.

    Simply put JT, ....Allow your Wife to proceed in whatever manner that she and her Primary Treating Doctor deem appropriate AND necessary for and TOWARDS her continued progress and recovery. She deserves that, along with ALL Injured Workers' of this Country. Try to maintain your perspectives on those objectives that matter most.. of all.

    Take Care & Take It Easy !!

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    e. Guest


    jt there have always been limits on the scheduled injury, your states are;

    Scheduled Injuries

    First or index finger 35 weeks
    Second or middle finger 30 weeks
    Third or ring finger 20 weeks
    Fourth or little finger 15 weeks
    Great toe 30 weeks
    Any other toe 10 weeks
    Hand 150 weeks
    Arm 200 weeks
    Foot 125 weeks
    Leg 200 weeks
    Eye 100 weeks
    Hearing (one ear) 75 weeks
    Hearing (both ears) 150 weeks
    *Body as a whole 400 weeks

    *The 400 weeks for body as a whole is used for a maximum for Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) but does not apply to Permanent Total Disability (PTD).

    you can find this and more;
    from the home page of this site under TN

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    jt Guest


    GT and others; thanks for all the info, I know it will not just happen overnight. My wifes accident happened back in Sept. and we got an attorney in Dec, because workmans comp was dragging its feet. It was taken a month to get an approval for an MRI and then they would deny it. My wife just recently had her second MRI, we are hoping that the pinched nerve has been relieved, but her doctor says she might just have to live with the pain from the herniated disc, he says many do this. Her attorney isnt pushing to get this settled, just let us know what was going on. We are also moving out of state in 3 months and we dont want to have to go through a new set of doctors and new adjusters. My wife is just wanting to be able to get on with her life. She is now on her 3rd adjuster since she has been hurt, they keep reassigning her, because of the amount of time she has been on. Her adjuster wont even talk to her or her attorney. If any reforms need to be made concerning workmans comp, its for the insurance companies, they shouldnt be able to take there time with everything, these are real people with real injuries. I can understand that there are lots of people who fake injuries and try to defraud the insurance companies, but at the same time there are thousands that are really in pain.
    Thanks again for all your info

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    scooter Guest


    Any suggestions! I am in the same boat as that fellows Wife. I have been to see an ortho my MRI came back 3 herniated disc mild to moderiate spinal srenosis w/pain that I rate a 10 with any activity, sitting and standind are also a problem I feel like such a stero type.i have had three nerve blocks and with in a week of every one I fell right back into the same pain pattern.went to see neuro(he is a partner of my ortho's clinic this was a very byest oppion I think, this was set up by the ins co. and he said no surgury was needed and reffered me to a D.O.that specelizes in the spine does anyone know what I can expect next from insurance company? Any responce appciated!

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    sh Guest


    In most states once your recovery has stalled you are given a rating and limited permanent disability benefits are started. Some have vocational rehabilitation programs to help find lighter work.

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