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    My husband's Workman compensation clain was just denied. What it is the best next step to follow? we have a workman comp lawyer but I still ignore if he will keep the case ,after this denial, and represent him for an appeal .Some advice on this issue?
    I appreciate any feed back on this issue.


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    File an application if one hasn't already been done. And when your evidence is ready, file for a hearing. If your atty doesn't want to appeal dismiss them and get another.

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    Why would your attorney not appeal if he believes you are right? Why was his claim denied?

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    REMEMBER.....The "denial" of your claim does NOT mean that your case is over!

    Yo are entitled by law, to that Hearing before the WCAB (Workers Compensation Appeals Board-California). This Hearingt will determine if your claim for injury is in fact, "Industrial".

    You are STILL entitled to obtain various medical examinations and testing to prove your case. These are called "Medical Legal Examinations."

    Your Attorney should provide you with the necessary information in order to obtain these "Rights".

    Good Luck!


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