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    Default What Is A Structured Annuity

    What is a structure annuity and how will this benefit me when I settle my case.

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    It's an anuity purchased by the carrier with you as the payee. You get guarenteed periodic payments.

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    Most structured settlements call for an upfront payment of a certain amount with monthly payouts as well. Some also allow for intermittent ump sum payments. Most of guaranteed for a mutually agreeable number of years. For example a $100k
    structured could call for $5k upfront and $2k a month for a guaranteed 5 years. You could add to that a lump sum payment of $5k after the 2nd year and the end of the annuity. There are a variety of different ways to run the numbers. Really cannot tell you how it would help you as I don't know enough about your claim.

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