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    Default Looking For Injured Police Officers

    I'm a cop here in California, and currently going through what has so far been 2 years of workmen's comp issues. The primary injury was a torn rotator cuff. Some of the laws in Cali are different for cops so I was wondering if any of you out there have been or are going through the process right now. I'm on light duty now but this will likely result in a medical retirement because I injured my knee prior to the shoulder, and now I'm having some serious back problems. Dr thinks I'm done with this line of work after 8 years..I don't know how I feel about that now...still just going through the motions...

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    maria Guest


    I am very familiar with WC for Public Safety Officers in California, what is your question?

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    Hi Maria..Well I'm wondering, if they do decide to retire me, what are the benefits? I've been told 50% pay tax free indefinitely..and they will pay a certain amount to send me back to college or retraining for some other career? For my dept, their criteria to retire you is 30% disability...but is that for just one injury or are they required to total all 3 injuries for the disability ranking? How long does this proces usually take? Also, what happens to my regular retirement savings? I thought they would have to pay it to me, but someone told me it would be paid a little each month, and someone else said I would lose it if I am medically I'm confused. I'm required to call my supervisor every week with an update which I hate because he is kind of a jerk about the whole thing..I'm just frustrated and want to get on with the process and get it over with one way or another so I can move on with my life and try to figure out what the heck I want to do...I just thought I'd always be a police officer..
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Sounds like your concerned about your employers benefits, not really the WC benefits. I'm sorry, your union contract or union rep is the best source for answeres on these issues.

    As far as WC benefits, you can expect your PD rating(s)and vocational rehab benefit up to the $16,000 cap if you are unable to return to work as an officer.

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    Well I got all the answers to my original questions from my lawyer and other people at my dept. But what I'm wondering now is, is there a time limit for how long WC carrier can "delay" my benefits? The problem I have now is that my shoulder is being treated, though not much else can be done. However, though my ortho dr has repeatedly told WC that I need to see a back specialist to determine what the problem is with my back and get the proper treatment, WC is "delaying" any decision. I have been going through this since mid May and my back is only getting worse. What can I do if anything? Can I have my lawyer request a hearing to deal with this? I'm waiting for him to call me back and I'd like to know what can be done if anything so I know he is doing all he should. Maria...if your around, maybe we can meet in chat sometime.

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