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    repairman Guest


    Hi, all. Appreciate all the info here. I'll be brief, for now.

    My question is whether voc rehab is any good, or just a bunch of people getting money from the state for worthless or "worth-little" training.

    A coworker of mine was retrained 2 years ago as an IT professional. He says the training seemed to be focused on getting him to pass his cert exams, and what he was actually learning was unimportant. Now, 2 years later, he can't get a job because IT certs don't mean anything. They want experience and/or actual understanding of IT stuff.

    Sounds like just a bunch of people feeding off the state "gravy train".

    My problem is that I can't kneel or squat for very long (which my current job requires). I'm 50 yrs old and have a family to support.

    I could go back to my current job and do the strength training exercises for my knees (that I failed to do) and might be okay. Or, is it worth it to go on disability, live in the "poor house" for that period of time, and get retrained? Is it real or is it a ruse?

    Anyone have any rehab success stories? Any info from anyone would be truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    maria Guest


    If your doctor says you are permanent and stationary and have a preclusion from kneeling and squatting, and therefore you are a Qualified Injured Worker, you may not have a choice. If your doctor makes you QIW, you will not have the option of going back to that job. Your option will be accept the training or try to find a job on your own. Not good options.

    Perhaps you should actually follow the advice of your doctors and do those exercises, get youself back to work. Do you WANT to be disabled? If not, follow your doctor's advice before he does make you P&S and QIW putting you out of a job.

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    aaron Guest


    Repairman I don't recall hearing from which state you are in.
    I am in California, I went thru Voc/Rehab in the past.
    The Voc/rehab is "as Good as we make it". They do promis to help find you work in your new field of training.
    I will agree that the training is a RUSH THRU.. at best. You have to remember that you have 6 months to complete the course. This in itself limits the know how that you will end up with.
    The Voc/Rehab did not qualify me either for a job that paid any type of money that I was accostomed to earning.
    If you are a self motivator you can and will over come this obsticle in a very short time.
    I have recomended in the past... and still do.
    (Talk to people in the trade that you are interested in, talk to employeers of that industry around the area that you will be working. Ask as many questions as possible.) Most important Remember that you are going to be an ENTRY LEVELED PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYEE.
    I do not want to sound completely negitive about the VOC/ Rehab... If you do not want to sit on the couch the rest of your life collecting welfare, then we all have to start somewhere.
    You can retrain, go to work where ever will hire you....remember your a person who "sued your employeer", is the attitude given out by most.
    once you have your foot in the door and start building hands on practicle experience you could then start looking for better money.
    I remember reading a post here a few months back and it was reguarding VOC/Rehab. One of the most trusted partic. shared a very good exemple of Voc/Rehab,and a possitive outcome. Herfather went thru training and shortly after started making very good money. The lady was honest in stating that his case was not the norm.
    Best wishes to you in your adventure in the futuer.

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    pt Guest



    I'd also follow your Doctors advice...first. Return to your job, give the excercise's a shot - and see how it all works out for you.

    Insofar as Voc Rehab, and possibly and eventually being deemed a QIW..... ( You didn't state what "year" that your job related injury occurred) and considering that you already have the skills; you could discuss and look into other advanced, certification programs with a VR Counselor; OR negotiate a VR, "cash buy-out" agreement, and then research and pursue the options independently.

    Following the limitations and restrictions that the Dr. has set forth will be a primary consideration - Your personal drive and determination to succeed, should take care of the rest.

    Good luck with your decision!


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    repairman Guest


    Wow. Didn't expect answers that quick. Thanks everyone. I appreciate each one's input.

    I'm in California and my injury is a "continuous trama" injury to my knees. It occured basically over last year, and I went out in August for two months. I felt okay after the 2 months of treatment (meds and PT) and asked to go back. Unfortuately I didn't keep up the PT exercises for my knees. Now I'm back to the same condition.

    I appreciate the encouragement Aaron. Since I'm the primary provider for my family of 4, I'm extremely apprehensive about trying to survive off a stipend while training and then going to an entry level salary. And that's assuming I can even find a job.

    Yes, Maria, I'm P&S with my settlement still pending. Hearing is next week, but now IC has asked for QME in January. Don't know how they're going to settle first and then reevaluate a month later. Also, I found out since I'm still P&S and not TTD, I can't get benefits from IC; only the advance payments on settlement.

    So I think I'll take your and Pt's advice to do my exercises and do my best to return to my job. However, another problem is that I can't get PT (ultrasound and TENS) since I'm P&S. That's going to hinder my recovery.

    Hopefully, I still have this option left to me. I'm going to find out if I'm QIW, and if not I'll push the Dr to work with me at getting back to work.

    Thanks again, everybody!!

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    aaron Guest


    worse case you may even be able to find a tense unit even in a pawn shop or thrift store. Many people used to use them and then quit....
    It is at least a chance.
    Good luck

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    edk Guest


    if the Dr of record states the tens is needed indefinately then wc should pay for it. I recieved my machine after my original dr of record, then the one wc sent me to, said it was needed indefinately. Its cheaper to buy than rent if its for more than a couple of months. I recieved the rs-4 machine. It was prescribed for home use from the beginning, coupled with what the PT's did.

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    cwbysldi Guest


    I am in Voc Rehab. I am now done with my schooling, just finished. I did have to rush through it however, I learned something and did find training that I am sure that I shall be able to find a job at. Now the "job search" process begins. They treated me really well in this part of the process. Were fair with me and allowed me to do what I wanted as long as both my Dr and SCIF were agreeable and there was enough money. Of course I had to complete a 18 months of schooling in 6 months time but was easy to do and was able to do online schooling. However, in the midst of it all my counselor closed shop and am going to a meet my new one tomorrow who'll help in the job search part. So we'll see how that goes. At least I'm trained to do something and even if I don't find a job before my March 3rd deadline, I'll have something I'm now qualified to do that fits in my restrictions guidelines.

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    maria Guest


    Good luck with your job search. I wish you well.

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    repairman Guest


    Actually I do have a TENS unit. A cheapy that the Dr prescribed and the IC paid for. I just have more confidence in the whole PT "package" (TENS, icepack, ultrasound, and exercises).

    Thanks, Cwbysldi, for the input. Could I ask what field you trained in? My occupation has been equipment repair, and if I have to retrain I'm leaning toward IT and will hope for the best. Hoping the best for you.

    Settlement was postponed till sometime after QME. No other news here. Thanks again, all.

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