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    ed Guest


    Hi all My name is Ed . I was injured back in 2002 triped over a air hose at work. I needed to have a operation to my knee an arthrosopy. Was off work for 8 weeks no problem with workers comp. Got my TTD and I went back to work but I still complained about pain in my knee. My doctor told me that I had to live with it the rest of my life ok the pain did not stop me form working. So I did not give it any more thought . I this was in june that I went back to work . In oct I receved a letter form the stating sence i have not had any more problems that my case will be closed. Again I did not give this a secend thought as the pain was not that bad and was not looking to get any money out of this injury . In april 2004 I told my employer that my knee was realy bothering me and I wanted to go see the doc . So I was told that a new clame need to be filed . I sead no that I had 5 years to reopen a clam. After 4 months I was able to have an MIR . the MIR revils that I had to have another Arthrosopy . Thay had to open a new clam becaust the MIR showed a tear in a deferent place in my knee. Ok New clam. Now I had the operation in sept 28th . I told my doctor I still had alot of pain after 12 weeks . He gave me a shot of cortazone spelling is wrong I am sure . That helped for about two weeks untell I was finished PT . Now I went to the doc and I was informed that I will need a Knee replacement . Is this some thing the ins will aprove . Or am I looking at a fight to geet back on my feet .

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    sh Guest


    I'm sure they'll want a second medical opinion; it might've been a good idea to have had one on your first injury.
    If the docs agree then you shouldn't have a problem. It just that you can't predict that all the docs will have the same opinion; in fact most seem to always disagree.

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    ed Guest


    Well the doctor is asking the Ins to let me go to anuther doctor for his app. I am just wondering if this should be the injory back in 2002 and not just 2004

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    ed Guest


    Oh yea thanks for your input

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    sh Guest


    Good. Major medical procedures should be looked at by others; once you are cut there is no going back. Again that's a medical determination but if it was a new tear then it sounds like a new injury.

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    maria Guest


    If you never settled your first claim via a Stipluation With Request for AWard or a Compromise and Release, it is highly likely that for settlement purposes these two injuries will be combined.

    The good news is that if the doctors say the surgery was due to the second injury, the benefit rates applicable to your injury would be based on the later injury date.

    Hang in there, do what you can to get yourself better. Take the second opinion and give great consideration to your medical choices.

    Good luck for a great recovery.

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    ed Guest


    I was never put on PS . I was just told that sence I did not need to go back too the doctor Thay closed my case. I was not looking for any kinda of money . It seemed that I was ok but still had a bit of pain . The doctor then told me I would have to live with it . Now that I had the operatiom again the doctor told me that he did not find a new split . Filed off some bone but other than that did nothing. So if thay did not find a new split is this still a new clam or should it be the old clam. Please keep in mind I did not receve any thing no C R no nothing. I tryed to reopen the old clame but sence the MIR looked like I had a new split that is when thay sead we would need to open a new clam . But now the doctor sead that thay did not see a new split should it go back to the old clam......Thanks for responeding

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    sh Guest


    They are tied to what information the doctor provides.
    Since you've had a surgery the doctor should send them a report of your permanent impairment. If he can't, he should refer you to someone who can. If it's medically documented it'll be difficult for them to ignore it. But if a doctor doesn't report it there is little they can do.

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    maria Guest


    As long as this is all with the same employer and there is no outside injury, you should have no problems. Let the IC sort it out. Usually, they will assign a MASTER file to handle all until you are settled.

    Good luck in your recovery.

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    ed Guest


    What dose IC stand for. Yes it was the same Employer. I do not have an Attorney at this time. I have not felt like I need one. The ins has ben prity good so far but realy slow . It seems like it takes them forever to respond to my Doctors request for treatment. Two weeks ago my Doctor has sent in a request for me to see another Doctor.About the need for a knee replacement. He has also informed the Ins that I most likely I will need voc rehab. Right now I am TTD and would like to stay that way untell we have the knee replacement. I have ben reading about people that have had the Ins put them on PS with out a doctor just too mess with them . To take away there TTD payments. Witch puts a big strain money wise on a Famaly.

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