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    pam Guest


    My claims Rep requested a supplemental report from the QME to clarify issues. One of these issues were work restrictions. He then wrote back this report.

    Specific activities which increase her complaints are: sitting, standing,pushing,pulling,bending,stooping,lifting, forceful grasping,pinching,fine manipulative activities,hand and wrist twisting. The patient should be limited to sitting no more than 1 hour,standing for 1 hour, and walking for 40 min in an eight-hour period. Repetivive pushing,pulling,bending,stooping,lifting,grasping, pinching,hand and wrist twisting, should be limited to 15 min every 2 hours.

    I was previously rated 53% before this supplementation was received and 53% after. I am still not for sure what these restrictions will allow me to do in the way of work and I do not want to work out of my restriction quidelines.
    As I have said in other conversation in the forum I have recently obtained a Real Estate License and was hopeing to be able to get into the loan end of it then I will work from home so I can have control of my time. I just don't want to mess up my settlement by not doing the right thing.

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    dg Guest


    Pam, You should call your Information and Assistance office to answer this.

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    pamw Guest


    I have called but I can never get a call back.
    I was hopeing someone out in the forum could lead me in the right direction. Would my claims rep at SCIF give me good advice or maybe I should call vocational training. Please help!

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    sh Guest


    Part of the Rehab process will be to assign you to a professional counselor. They will work with you and the doctor to identify occupations and jobs that are within your physicical limitations, education, experience, etc.
    For additional information on the Vocational Rehabilitation benefits for older injuries go to

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    phil Guest


    I don't know if the I&A office can help you. But if you want to talk to an I&A office, just call another office. I live closest to the Van Nuys office and have a hard time reaching them. So, I sometimes call the Los Angeles office.

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    maria Guest


    YOu should request VR and meet with the QRR (Wualified Rehab Rep) who can go over your proposed job in real estate and write up a VR plan that incorporates your license and skills and determine if that would be within your restrictions, make a recommendation, etc..

    Good luck.

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