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    DOI: 11/04 p&s on 2/7/06 after shoulder surgery in 06/06. awaiting "official" P&S reports from back and shoulder doctors (30 -45 days) and are in the no mans land moving from temp disability payments of $500 a week to permanent payments of $220 a week. so far no modified work offered from employer. sent in mileage form on 2/1/2006 and have yet to receive reimbursement there a time limit they have to send the mileage reimbursement? I've heard conflicting time lines and couldnt find anything on the CA DWC website

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    The IC has 45 days to reimburse you for Calif the rate is $0.34 per mile.

    IF you are now P&S, you should have your written restrictions from your doctor. Also, your ER should be contacting you to come to meet with them regarding an alternative position/job that will fit within the restrictions. OR you should receive a NOPE letter. This needs to happen right away, or the ER could be subject to some penalties from FHEA and or ADA...Since SB899 it is the ER responsibility to contact you regarding your return to work.
    Call your CA and find our what is being done to return you to work...immediately. You should not have to wait without income.

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    thanks for your reply...(the date of surgery was actually 06/05...)

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    Make a demand for return to work or VR Voucher and assistance. In the meantime, start looking for new work.

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