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    Default Torn Meniscus - Disagree with Payment Results

    Had surgery on my knee in 11/2000. Kemper starting paying me checks based on a report by the dr. of 20% disabled in my knee. The dr. downplayed my symptoms in the report. I disagree, but can't get anyone to respond. Every time I go back to the dr. in pain he "can't find anything". I'm lost. I don't want to go thru an attorney because it makes it a bigger issue, risks my job, and he takes a third.

    Does anyone have any information on the process to rebuke a settlement by the insurance co. and/or access to their calculations of pay outs of injuries. Who determines if I get $$ for 25 wks or 25 yrs?

    Thanks, email at

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    Ratings are based on doctors opinions as to your restrictions. Whether in fact you need more care to reach maximum recovery or you believe the doctor is not describing your disability fully, you need a second medical opinion. Contact the carrier to request another evaluation or if you have a doctor in mind ask them to authorize an exam and report. Read some of the Factsheets for more info on California's comp system
    or contact your local information and assistance officer.

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