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    jeffrey Guest


    Hi Everyone. I want to let you know that since no attorneys will do anything about the actions of Dr. Thomas A. Boyd Ph.d of Behavior Management Associates I have decided to take my ventures further. I am planning to picket in front of this doctors office very soon, within the next week or two. I have one other injured worker willing to picket with me. If anyone else is interested in picketing about IME's please feel free to contact me.
    Jeffrey M. Schlund

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    anonymous Guest


    How did that work out for you?

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    jeffrey Guest


    Worked great dik head. Soon he may not work for BWC.
    It wouldn't surprise me if you were Dr. Thomas A. Boyd!

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    jeffrey Guest


    Hey Anonymous,
    FYI The Head Commissioner for Columbus found me in the right and Dr.Thomas A. Boyd in the Wrong. So go suck that up your nose.

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    anonymous Guest


    I have to admit, I certainly like your attitude. I want to be just like you and not let WC crap on me......thanks for your work. I am not from the same state but it does shed some light. God Bless!

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