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    ARACHNOIDITIS - A chronic condition that causes neuropathic pain and other neurological problem.
    CAUSE - Spinal surgery (especially multiple), traumatic spincal injury, ie traffic accident, fall or other severe impact to the spine, intraspinal injections, ie epidural steroid injections, epidural and spinal anesthesia, and multiple lumbar punctures; blood in CSF, myleograns, especially with older oil-based dyes such as myodil (pantopaque), intraspinal drugs such as amphotericin B and methotrexaste; spinal stenois, DDD and dis prolapse. Unfortunately, and it is not pleasant, I have this condition. Workers' comp did recognize it as part of my claim after a hearing at my doctor's request. My doctor feels there are many people suffering from spinal injuries that actually are suffering from arachnoiditis that has not been properly diagosed by their physician. Sadly, there is no positive treatment or cure and it continues to develop with time. It is also difficult to diagnose. You can get some info on this condition at I hope no one on this forum has this condition. I have tried about every medication available for relief such as duragessic, morphine, oxycontin, vicoden, percodan, percocet, demoral, etc. with out success. Good Luck,

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    i know someone that has this caused from a myleogran years ago. i didn't know it could be caused from other things. is there a test for this disease? i had a cervical disectomy w/fusion c6 c7 in 2001. i don't feel better in fact worse and feels like it is traveling down my spine. i had a traumatic fall slamming face first onto pavement, i jerked head back to keep face off pavement hence blowing out 2 discs and tearing rotator cuff and shoulder impingement syndrome. had shoulder surgery in feb. this year. what are the symptoms?

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    Yes there are tests. Very little is known and very few doctors are thorough, persistent enough or study past medical records to actually diagnose and document this dread disease. My specialist told me one of the diagnostic technique is an MRI T2 weighted high resolutions scan giving the optimal imaging of the subarachnoid space and nerve roots. Since there is no real treatment available, any treatment remains symptomatic for neuropathic pain. This disease has the capability to cause paralysis in advance stages. My doctor firmly believes in my case, the cause is the traumatic spinal injury from my accident, multiple spinal surgeries, and the pantopaque dye in earlier myleograms. The latest MRI in November 2002 still revealed pantopaque still remaining in my spine from decades ago myleograms. INfo may still be avaiaable from the email address above or just key in arachnoidits on the web. Good Luck.

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    I have arachnoiditis and epideral fibrosis.
    My pain Doctor has me on Avinza(Morphine)that works pretty well but I get the most relief from my Chiropractor who does manipulation and electrical therapy.
    I also use a t.e.n.s. unit at home when needed.
    Unfortunatly there is no cure but it does help.

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