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    jeffrey Guest

    Default Young, Aggressive BWC Attorney

    I want to let all of you know that there is a new attorney in Ohio. He was with Fultons office but has started his own firm. He's young and aggressive. I recommend him if you need an attorney that isn't in the pocket of BWC or the employers. He was my representation until he moved out on his own.
    Kinda sucks too, because Philip Fulton is good too and I have to choose between them.

    Contact Number
    Attorney Jonathan H. Goodman
    Columbus Ohio
    (614) 410-3367

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    anon Guest


    hey Jeff, what's the latest on your case? hope all is well

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    jeffrey Guest


    Same as a month ago. Still a waiting game. Only thing new is I have an attoreny looking into my issue with Dr. Thomas A. Boyd Ph.D.
    The attorney told me I have a case and is looking into what to file it as.

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    fedup Guest


    Jeff - Your plight and stories ring true of the wc systems not only in Ohio but throughout the US. Ole Shep struck by a car and lying in the middle of the street and taken to the Animal Shelter will receive prompt and better humane treatment and medical care than the injured worker......without even speaking or filling out a claim form!!! The worker struck by a car would have been left lying at the curb unnoticed. Today's postings regarding Social Security is typical for iw trying to survive. The iw is not only maligned but is a throw away, a waste by-product of not only industry, but also of the wc system. This enept and inadequate system forces the iw to seek relief elsewhere, thus the costs are no longer borne by those responsible-the wc system and employers; but by the general public-the taxpayers. SSDIB is the saviour for many iw. Yet, wc penalizes the iw by using those SS benefits to determine what your wc $ benefits are until the iw attains 65 years of age. Meanwhile the politicians, the wc staff, including hearing officers and the wc lawyers and doctors all get together Saturday morning at the Country Club golf course and check over their agendas. If the wc system was owned by me or you, we would have been put out of business and sent to prison by enforcement of the RICO laws!!!! Have a nice day!

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    jeffrey Guest


    Good old Dr. Metz, BWC IME. The report is in from his Examination for Increased PP%. My current PP% is 6%, amazing how Dr. Metz found me to be at a 5% PPD whole body. How can this be? My back injury has not improved! He never states the spasms in the Thoracic region, never looked at current MRI films and never states the 50lbs weight restrictions. According to the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Impairment, 5th Edition, he could have chose from 5% to 8%. As you know the BWC IME will choose the lower number.

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    anonymous Guest


    It is the system jeff. It is as crooked as those administering it. However, if it would be an iw they would be in jail. The 09:0l AM poster is correct. Hang on I just heard where Greenspan wants to cut SS benefits to reduce interest rates on the $520 billion national deficit. People better get off their rears and vote or we will have nothing worthwhile left to vote for-good luck.

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    jeffrey Guest


    Hopefully this spring chit will hit the fan in Ohio.
    A few connections are going to be converging as one. Yes! I am one of those connections. LOL!! People in high places are going to be involved in this movement. This is why I ask people to get with me and help sling the chit!

    As for Dr. Thomas A. Boyd Ph.D. He made me his victim, now he will be my victim!

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    1 Guest


    I'm sure he is shaking in his boots.

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    forum Guest


    Actually 1 I think you will find that most licensed medical personel do not like being under review for anything.
    Reporting a Dr for anything under the state licensure statutes will cause an investigation, and if they concur there was unethical behaviour it will be punishable by fines and published in the annual leters from the board sent out to ALL licensed personel; in addition it becomes part of their file and will be taken into account for future complaints.

    It may only be a thorn in his side now but given enough time it will fester and become quite a painful aggrevation.

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    jeffrey Guest


    I received a letter from the American Psychological Association today due to my phone call to them on friday. They stated to me the Dr. Boyds conduct was not severe enough to warrent action.
    So what this tells me is that the only way they would do anything is if he stuck his dick in my azz!
    It is actions like Dr.Thomas A. Boyd Ph.D that send people over the edge. I will continue to tell people about him until my issue with him is heard in a real court!

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