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    confused Guest


    after 2+ years TT, i guess that some day i will reach MMI.Whats next?i am guessing that once i am MMI that TT will end? Then i wait for 40 weeks till i can apply PTD or PPD? cant return to old or maybe any job.They tried to get me to go over to VR lady but that made no sense since i was inbetween surgeries.I feel bad for all you people with BWC trouble. I haven't been[knock on wood] had any trouble.O there was that 1 IME that said i was MMI even though he knew that i was having surgery the next week.So I'm just wondering what pitfalls with VR? Will i still get paid after MMI? Oh no, pitfalls, now you all can go off on BWC now. good luck and god bless

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    trueblue Guest



    I would suggest you hire an attorney. Your choices after MMI is JOB SEARCH, although the state sends you this nice letter stating they will assist you in regaining employment, thru vocational services (that is only supported as job search)

    This has been my fight that OHIO BWC does not support job retraining. I have written many letters to state reps and senators and soon will be taking this to the supreme court.

    I recommend you seek services of the BVR Bureau of Vocational Rehab which is state funded, who truly stand for and do what they promise regarding retraining, job placement, etc

    Good Luck!

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    confused Guest


    well for now since both knees are allowed the plan is to stay TT for as long as i can.i just go from one leg to the other.

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    jeff Guest


    TRUEBLUE, if you need a witness in court I'm there for you.
    As for TT, if it is appealed to the Industrial Commission TT continues until a hearing officer states MMI. I just went through this.

    Jeffrey M. Schlund

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    david Guest


    I've been playing workmans comp games since December of 99. Do these cases get settled? Does anybody ever win? All I have heard and read is people getting slapped by OBWC. This is not encouraging. I will not bore you with the details, but I am about to loose my second house, and this is really getting old. My wife and I have been married 25 years. Until 99, we had never had an argument or ever raised our voices at each other. Now with the absolute crap i HAVE WITNESSED our relationship has gone down hill. The lies, do not tell anybody about your back. I cannot lift 5 pounds or sit for more than maybe ten minutes. Just want to know, I have seen the stacked deck, DOES ANYBODY WIN???????

    David A. Withers

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    confused Guest


    i dont think anyone really wins. 3 surgeries ago they offered $10 grand. yeah, that'll cover it. so a couple more surgeries and then let'em retrain me. didnt like being a roofer anyway

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    j Guest


    to confused and trueblue..
    Confused... If you're approaching MMI and feel you may need additional medical services, which by the way are good grounds for an appeal to any MMI order, all you need is to have your doctor keep your records current. A BWC order of MMI can be appealed, it isn't the final straw. There are a great many plans you might qualify for after you DO get MMI'd.. one of the many is wage loss ... just talk to your bureau rep.. they are trained to help you IF you ask them..

    Trueblue... Good luck.. I have seen many like you .. You want to sit at home, manipulate the system so you don' have to carry your own weight... you want "retrained" ... If you were worthy of retraining and qualified for a real plan with a real voc case manager, you WOULD have been.

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    anun Guest


    Don't know..I was mmi in 2001 but was still disabeled. Been collecting indeminty payments since. MMI means maximum medical improvement, meaning there is nothing more medically that can be done to improve your condition, you could still be disabled though. I still go to the pain clinic but that is pain managegment and has nothing to do with improving my condition


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