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    I was a worker at rayans stake house and got a crush injury to my left hand in 2003 when a got a cast on that night my hand swelled up so bad i couldnt even put a pice of paper between my hand and the cast so I went bavk to the dr next day he told me I may have RSD "Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy" well I have had no treat ment iam in pain 24/7 and its moving to my legs now.
    BWC has turnd me down for rsd and granted me contonce "bruse" and wants to settle for $9,000 not even a stay at the hospital ill have this the rest of my life and the pain I cant even hold my son due to pain
    I havent settle yet or should I say havent singed papers yet not to many lawers or dr in ohio know what this is and all lawers i talked to say diffent things if any one know bwc laws or a dr that will help me i need it
    The pain and this problen is so bad iam not going to be able to hand it much longer and i reay need help

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    sh Guest


    Sounds like you need more medical help then work comp or legal. It's a very difficult problem to treat. You might get more information from a medical website or from organizations dedicated to it's treatment like

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    dr. Guest


    Hello RSD: I just finished up a case wherein the injured worker had a crush injury to his right upper forearm. A press crushed his ulnar nerve. He has no use of the right hand. His previous doctor who was a pain management specialist had mentioned in his notes that he may have RSD. He hadn't bothered to amend his diagnosis for such and put him at MMI so his TTD was cut off. The worker came from the Toledo area, 3 hours away. I took the case in June of last year and thru appeals from the employer, I just got his claim allowed for RSD. His case manager didn't know what RSD was so I sent her a letter explaining it to her. Basically, I managed his claim and walked him thru the process and explained to him what my strategy was. Now that his claim is allowed for RSD, his attorney told him they would file for Permanent Disability. He fired the attorney he was using prior to coming to my office, at my request because the attorney told him there was nothing else he could do. Originally, his claim was allowed for Contusion of the Right Forearm. I also got Major Depression allowed on his claim. Needless to say his PPD rating skyrocketed. Virtually, I just managed his claim. He is where he needs to be now, so I am bowing out as he no longer needs my help. It was a very good case. My book explains how to walk yourself thru the process and what to watch out for along the way. I am a Chiropractor but with a strong medical surgical background before becoming a Chiropractor. You need to find the right doctor and attorney combination.
    Best of luck.
    Dr. Nichols

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    curiously Guest


    dr nichols, know any good neurologists in MO?

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    dr. Guest


    As a matter of fact I do. But it's been ten years since I've been there. I used to be a surgical assistant at Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. There is a very good neurologist there but I just can't remember his name. If you would like I could call the OR Administrator there, who is an old friend and ask his name. I was there for 3 years but it's been so long now. What's wrong with you? I knew several docs there. I worked there part-time while putting myself thru Chiropractic School. Are you from Missouri?

    Let me know if you want me to make the call.
    Dr. Nichols

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    strat Guest


    btw.... you cannot develop RSD - now called CRPS - in a day. Not to say that compartment syndrome cannot cause it.

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    btw... Who are to say what is what? I was injured 3-8-2001 at The Minster Machine Company in Minster,OH. Within 20 days of my injury I was diagnosed with RSD upper left extremidy. I have lost use of my left arm permently. I live in pain 24/7 and eat oxycontin like candy. I have been trying to get a SCS for 4 years now but my deadbeat employer fights every move I make. WHO CARES WHAT THEY CALL IT! There are probably 20 different names for it. I suggest you go here and educate yourself before you open your big mouth!

    Have a nice day and have some compassion for those that are inflicted with this horrible disease. Consider yourself lucky!

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    janfor Guest


    Dr. Nichols,

    Can you get permanent disability if you don't have Social Security. I have been permantenly disabled for almost 11 years now. I drew a little money from W/C for about 6 months or so and then my lawyer won my 1996 case for me and I was given a 38% impairment rating but was only supposed to get it for a couple of months because my time ran out. ( I really do not know what they were talking about?)but someone messed up and I continued to get checks until October not knowing I wasn't entitled to them. The checks were supposed to end in November so W/C cancelled the November check. I did get some of the 38% up front but it would not have been right not to have gotten all that I was supposed to get. Anyway, I can't work due to severe back pain and so far no one that W/C has sent me to will operate. They have finally said that I can see a Dr. Howard Morgan at the Southwestern Medical Center University but only for a one time evaluation. If anyone can do the surgery that is required it will be him. That does not mean that TDI/WC will allow it. The pain is so bad that I force myself to walk with a basket at the store if I can at all. Most of the time I have to find an electric grocery cart. This is why I ask if I can draw permanent disability. I live in Texas.

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    curiously Guest


    dr nichols, what i meant was, do you know any orthopedic surgeons in st. louis missouri? do you have any advise about reputations of them? first and last initials of name and first initials of offices affiliated with, including insurance companies. mainly in the town and country, kirkwood, and west county areas, like des peres.

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    dr. Guest


    Sorry I don't

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