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    I need to change attorneys, can't get any response out of mine, don't know what I will owe him if I change now since the Obundsman won't even talk to me since my case shows that I am represented now. (Even though it is only on paper, he sure won't return calls or get back in touch with me.) Does anyone know what he would be entitled to he sure hasn't done that much so far. How do I get rid of him and switch?

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    Just call another attorney-he'll advise you how to do it-the goof you got now will get a percentage if you ever settle.People do it everyday
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    Actually you can ask your attorney to step down without putting a lien on your settlement. Hopefully he will be a nice guy and do so. But if not then, when you settle there will be a lien requesting payment for him. I lucked out and both of my first two attorneys did so without a lien, because they knew they did not do crap on my case. I now have a great attorney, that is always available. You should also know that most attorneys will not talk with you wither as long as you are being represented already, so talk with your attorney about wanting to hire a new one.

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    Does anyone know any good attorneys in central NC, I think I am ready to switch...

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    NC Bar Association Lawyer Referral will give you the name of attornies in your area. I was living at Western NC and need an attorney in that part. I had an attorney out of SC but he was useless but he will get a fee if I ever get a settlement. Once they file with the Industrial Commission to represent you they get a cut.

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    Have you sent a letter to the office that administers workers' compensation in your state to inform them that you have discharged your attorney? If you have, that document is part of your file and there is no need to explain further to your ombudsman or, for that matter, anyone else to make your point. Please be so kind to ALWAYS, when you post here, indicate the state you have filed for wc in, especially if you intend to post anonymously. I understand that in Ohio, once an attorney is discharged, that he/she is no longer entitled to any fees. I expect that if there is a decision pending that they have worked on they may be entitled to fees for that. As long as you have not signed a power of attorey form, any benefits will be paid directly to you, rather to the attorney, who will want you to sign them, sometimes several at a time. If your attorney then comes to you with his/her hand hanging out, like mine did, you can tell them, politely or otherwise, to forget it.

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    I would suggest that you mail any letters to workers' compensation or your attorney by certified return receipt mail and keep a copy for your file. That way you have delivered and written proof. Always avoid verbal.

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