Hey all.... I'm the guy who built this website. It started out as a way to threaten my insurer by exposing their practices to the nation on the web. My insurer wouldn't ok my back surgery. Eighteen months after my injury I bought the domain name workerscompensationinsurance.com. I contacted the insurer and informed them of my intentions. My surgery was approved shortly thereafter and I built the website while recovering from surgery.

Long story short, I settled my case five years ago and continued to keep the website operational for injured workers. Lord knows they need all the help they can get. Time to move on. I'm selling the website with the stipulation that there will always be an open, moderated forum for injured workers.

Things I've learned along the way.....

A work injury can devastate lives

You alone are responsible for your future. Lawyers and case workers can help to some degree but in the long run it's up to you to keep the ball rolling.

Don't wallow in your misery. Look for the good things in your life no matter how small or trivial. Pain and uncertainty can blind you from the fact that injured or not, there are always things to be thankful for.

Be persistantly patient. Workers' comp moves slowly.

Huge thanks to Tony, the moderator. You're the best!

Take care...

Bob Dugan