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Thread: Moving on

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    dugan Guest

    Default Moving on

    Hey all.... I'm the guy who built this website. It started out as a way to threaten my insurer by exposing their practices to the nation on the web. My insurer wouldn't ok my back surgery. Eighteen months after my injury I bought the domain name I contacted the insurer and informed them of my intentions. My surgery was approved shortly thereafter and I built the website while recovering from surgery.

    Long story short, I settled my case five years ago and continued to keep the website operational for injured workers. Lord knows they need all the help they can get. Time to move on. I'm selling the website with the stipulation that there will always be an open, moderated forum for injured workers.

    Things I've learned along the way.....

    A work injury can devastate lives

    You alone are responsible for your future. Lawyers and case workers can help to some degree but in the long run it's up to you to keep the ball rolling.

    Don't wallow in your misery. Look for the good things in your life no matter how small or trivial. Pain and uncertainty can blind you from the fact that injured or not, there are always things to be thankful for.

    Be persistantly patient. Workers' comp moves slowly.

    Huge thanks to Tony, the moderator. You're the best!

    Take care...

    Bob Dugan

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    moderator Guest


    Peace out's been a pleasure. I like the title of this thread..."MOVING ON"
    It's something that alot of people have trouble doing, but it is so necessary to lead a successful and fulfilling life. I would strongly recommend that you people take Bobs advice to heart, it's so true

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    plates/screws Guest


    will try thank you so very much don't know what i would have done with out you guys, sorry you are leaving us,i guess you can only take so much of this stuff it will consume you from within if you let it so i say farwell, and take care!!!

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    anon58 Guest

    Default wishes to fulfilled future.
    There's a path IW need to take...through the stages our injury, pain, anger, confusion, acceptance and healing. But in order to heal so we can get past our injuries, problems and losses it takes time to get through stages of healing. It's wonderful to hear you've reached the end of that path and can now move on.
    Thanks for giving us all a place to do that, Bob.

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    henry Guest


    BOB -

    Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you for the many hours of your time to keep this forum in operation.

    May your journey ahead be pleasant and provide everything
    you ask for you and yours. God Bless.


    Tony - A special THANKS to you.....Good Job, Tony!

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    Congratulations. You are an inspiration. I too hope I will move on soon. Thank you for the site. It's been truely wonderful to listen to other people. Getting answers, getting advise, definitely humor and even the occassion to help others. You did a great thing.

    May your future be what you want it to be. May your pains subside so you can live a freee and happy life once again.

    Tony, thanks for doing such a great job.

    Good luck Bob and thanks!!!


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    mel Guest


    Thanks for everything.

    You can't leave us completely, you have to continue to send us some of your music.


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    anonymous Guest


    Bob, thank you.

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    aaron Guest


    Dugan I can't thank you enough. Nor can any one I/W. You started one of the best aspects of W/C that I have incountered so far. My hat is off and may you find prosparity and good fortune. Please stop in once in a while and drop us an update.

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    What a wonderful sight you provided the IW's that have been fortunate enough to find it. This sight helped me throughout my claim, and although mine is now over, I still come back to voice my opinion and to give others advice where I feel that I can.

    Congrats on moving on with your music. May you be blessed in all that you endeavor in the future.

    Angel ^i^

    PS: aren't leaving us are you??

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