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    anon58 Guest

    Default Nonmedical Requirements For Getting SSDI

    Couple of questions here:

    1.) Letter from SSDI says "You must meet certain medical and non-medical requirements to be entitled to disability benefits. We have found that you meet the medical requirements for disability benefits. We have not yet made a decision about whether non-medical requirements are met for this claim, but will make that decision soon". WHAT ARE NON-MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS?

    2.) If an IW is declared 100% disabled by SSDI, how will this affect WC claim not settled yet? (positive or negative info please).


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    kathy Guest


    I think they need to determine if you have worked enough quarters to be entitled to SSDI...No idea how it will affect WC..Good luck

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    anon58 Guest


    Thanks, kathy.

    I found an answer (partial anyway)on the

    "To receive Social Security Disability benefits a person must meet Social Security's definition of disability and meet certain non-medical eligibility requirements. Examples of non-medical eligibility requirements include proof of age, employment, marital status, or Social Security coverage information.

    State agencies (usually called Disability Determination Services or DDSs) make the medical determination on a claim.

    Local Social Security offices are responsible for verifying non-medical eligibility requirements..."

    Still would like to know if anyone has input about if OR how it would effect WC settlement, either positive or negatively, if an IW wins SSDI claim prior to WC settlement.

    Thanks again,

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    anon58 Guest


    Also, what happens if a person does not have enough quarters worked to receive SSDI?

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    if they don't have enough quarters for ssdi - then they would be able to draw ssi (state sponsored) which is then based on household income. I think this is far less that ssdi and if your married most times your spouses income automatically disqualifies you for ssi - however, if you don't have health insurance still something you can try to get through the state being disabled.

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    anon58 Guest


    Great info, Pooh, thank you.

    Next I'm wondering if a person doesn't have enough quarters in, and is not qualified for SSI because their husbands income is too high...
    How would this affect WC settlement? Obviously there would be no offset to worry about because there would be no SSDI because of lack of quarters.

    Isn't it aweful how we can nit pick our brains with "what if's" ?

    It's only 8:30 am I'm my brain is all ready tired.

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    tlc Guest


    anon58 If you qualify for ss benefits and you did not have enough quarters you are entitled to ssi plus ssd however if you are married and do not have enough quarters and you have been married more than 10 years then ss will check your spouses ss records and you are qualified to draw off their account which is about half of what they would be entitled to for example if they would qualify for 700 a month then youcould draw 350 per month.

    Settlements from wc will effect your ss talk with your attorney and most of the time they will break the settlement down as if you was recieving weekly benefits and therefore you will owe ss less money otherwise they will hold your check until you spend your settlement money.

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    anon58 Guest


    TLC...Thank you very much for this information. I believe I have enough quarters, but I still feel very nervous after receiving the letter saying SSDI has approved my claim as medically disabled but still has to determine my non-medical eligibility. It's enough to give a person a nervous break down. I wish they would have not told me anything yet until they were either going to say YES or NO. I'm too cautious about getting my hopes up yet with the answer they have just given me.

    My attorney has specialized in WC and Social Security his whole career, so I think/hope he will do what is right for the best outcome for ME.

    I just wish I was able to understand better so I will be aware what is right and best for me. And my attorney seems like most others I hear about...too busy or vague enough not to commit to any direct answer.

    Thanks so much,

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    kathy Guest


    Once a year I get a letter from Social security telling me how much I will receive at age so and so and then it tells how much I will receive if I am disabled...You must have a letter like this sent to you at some time??If you are medically qualified and have your quarters in I am sure you are good to go...

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    Exclamation Re: Nonmedical Requirements For Getting SSDI

    Today I received the same letter. Do you mind me asking if you have heard back and how long it took Soc. Sec. to make the 'non-medical' decisions; and can you tell me what it related to? Thank you so much. Olivia
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