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    shawn Guest

    Default Benefits Cut Off Due To MMI

    I am a parent of 3 children and I have been on comp. for 18 months now. I have had 2 major surgeries 1 of witch is a fusion on L5-S1. My doctor is sending me for A MMI test and another test to see if I will be able to return to work or what. I am still having a lot of pain and troubles doing every day things so I'm having a harde time figuring out why I'm being given these tests now but I cant do nothing about it. My biggest problem is I am being told that in the state of Alabama when you recive your MMI rating your COMP. checks are stoped and you will not have income until settlement of your case. Again I have 3 children and with out my check comming I'm going to loose every thing we have within the next 30-60 days. I there is anyone out there that can tell me if what I am being told is true please write back and if this is true does anyone have a suggestion on how to pay my bills and keep my familey off the streets. I need some helpful advice PLEASE.
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    sh Guest


    yes and unless you are rated totally disabled the settlement won't be enough to live on forever.
    Once you have reached maximum medical improvement workers are expect to find a job within their restrictions.

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    Shawn Springer
    My heart goes out to you Shawn - I am in the same boat myself, but do not have 3 kids to support. You can get help from the St. Vincent DePaul for Rental or mortgage assistance - if you own your home try to get a second mortgage - go to your town's community action groups - food banks are fantastic - you will qualify for food stamps and medical care I believe. This sucks more than any situation I have ever been in and I believe it is a life ruiner - it has surely ruined mine. Please try the above - they helped me make it through another 30 days, but I may have to give up the ghost and move back with my 76 year old mother who lives in the northeast. They have cut off my compensation, too and now I'm waiting for surgery because they determined after the fact that my injury was 90-95% NOT healed, but do you think they would do the right thing and reinstate my compensation right away or approve the surgery right away?? no - that's not going to happen.
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    Default Re: Benefits Cut Off Due To MMI

    Shawn, I'm Miestro, and I live here around the Ft. Rucker area, I hurt my shoulder and suppose to get a mmi and whatever, I dont really know what to expect, if you have any time explain that stuff to me.

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    Default Re: Benefits Cut Off Due To MMI

    To get basic information on alabama work comp system and benefits go here:

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    Lightbulb Re: Benefits Cut Off Due To MMI

    miestro1, Good Evening and Welcome to the Injured Workers Forum :::

    Miestro we will be happy to help you understand your WC claim and how things should happen according to your states WC laws. The other members that suggested that you post here on the state pages did so to help you keep present your situation with as little confusion as possible.

    Starting a new thread is easy and really helps.

    To start a New Thread, (don't do so now as you already have responses here but for future reference). just press on the Word Alabama underlined in blue on the left side of the screen. You will automatically be taken to a new window.

    In this window at the upper left just below the big red X of the Alabama flag is a button that says New Thread, press it. This will take you to a new window. Be sure to give your thread a title/topic by typing it in the box where it says title, or the system will not allow you to submit the thread. Now place your cursor in the body for text and have at it .

    When you have finished typing you can spell check your post by pressing on the ABC with a check mark under it on the upper right side of the page. When you are ready to post your new thread just hit the bar at the bottom that says submit new thread. You will automatically be taken to your new thread/post.

    If you want to edit your new post you must do so before 20 minutes, including the editing time, after you hit submit. Any longer than that and this system will not let you edit it. You will know when you have timed out as the edit button will disappear from the bottom of your post.

    DO NOT use the go forward/backward, (navigation), arrows before you submit your post as you will risk loosing all information typed but not yet submitted.

    ************************************************** ******

    Miestro1, Absolutely going to the state web site where you WC claim is filed and learning all you can about the WC laws in that state will only help you. Knowledge is Power and it is half the battle in getting all that you are entitled to due to your on the job injury. The more educated you are concerning the laws where your claim is filed the better.

    Now onto your questions. We will need a bit more information in order to help you with your question about what happens next?

    "Getting MMI and whatever" is very confusing . You don't actually "get" MMI, you might be at Maximum Medical Improvement, MMI, and from there without specific questions it could take half a day and way more room than this page will let anyone post at a time to describe what happens next.

    WITHOUT posting specific information such as your name, date of birth, (your age would be helpful just not your birthday date), address, employers name, etc., but giving us a Little more to work with would be helpful.

    What was your Date of Injury, DOI?

    Was your WC claim approved right away or did you have to fight to get it approved?

    Are you represented by an attorney for your WC claim?

    What part'(s) of your body were/are injured? Just your shoulder or did the injury involve your arm/hand or possibly even your neck, (cervical spine).

    What kind of doctors have you treated with? General Medicine Doc, Orthopedic Surgeon, Neuro Surgeon, Nurse Practitioner, Doc in the Box, (Occupational Medicine)?

    What kind of diagnostic studies have you had done? X-rays, MRI, CT, Nerve Conduction Studied, EMG, or otherwise?

    Did you have broken or dislocated bones/joints?

    What kind of treatments have you received? Physical Therapy, Steroid Injections, Electrical Stem, (TENS Unit), or other?

    Have you Returned to Work, RTW, with or without restrictions? If so when?

    Have you been told by your Authorized Treating Physician, ATP, that you won't be able to return to your previous line of work?

    Have you had an impairment rating issued? Have you had a "Functional Capacity Evaluation", FCE, or Residual "Functional Capacity Evaluation", RFCE, done yet?

    Has your wage replacement benefits been suspended or terminated due to you reaching MMI?

    Please post back with as much information as you can ESPECIALLY with any specific questions you may have then we can get back to you with some specific answers.

    Have a great evening and Be Well,

    "He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client"
    Abraham Lincoln

    Take Care and Be Well.

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    Default Re: Benefits Cut Off Due To MMI

    hey Shawn,Nutpn here actually thats backwards just a regular nut,anyway I have a little knowledge on somethings such as foodstamps,I was turned down last week she said that my gross income was okay but its the net and its unearned income which you have to match sort of both anyway ,somewhere between what I make weekly ,it was to much over the net income requirement,so I didnt get them ,also one of my buddies when he got at MMI he still got weekly work comp checks and then when they went to sign the settlement that part he kept drawing he got cut out of his settlement being as he had already been released ,so I guess it depends on what ins company ,what about those elephants ,ROLL tide ,actually I am an Auburn Fan war eagle ,but BAMA was awesome,somwhere around the mercedes plant is where I live ,and I wished I had more info to about MMI anyway ,go for 2nd surgery tuesday on back ,if you find out any info let me know ,its great to see someone from al ,I will have to look at the al forums more,thanks

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    Default Re: Benefits Cut Off Due To MMI

    also on my case I am confused Doc says that I wont be able to go back in maintenance and thats all I have ever done ,for 27 years so I am wondering now what happens,and if you need some info I dont have much I have several links on comp in al ,I do know one heck of a great lawyer though he knows his stuff ,you can e-mail me if you want to...

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    Default Re: Benefits Cut Off Due To MMI

    If you are totally disabled they will not be cut off if the company complies with AL law. If you have permanent partial disability then you may not receive anything until your settlement. The disability rating is all that determines your settlement for the injury, but if you have never done another job then you may get a vocational settlement if you are unable to find a job making the same amount of money.
    If you can sit you may be able to get a job as a security guard, it does not pay much but is better than nothing.
    MMI is maximum medical improvement, the point at which the doctor says that there is nothing that can be done to make you any better.

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    Default Re: Benefits Cut Off Due To MMI

    I'm in the same boat as you.I have 2 kids.Already lost both cars and fixing to lose our house.Once MMI is done w/c stops the checks and you are on your own.I'm unable to return to hauling cars and was told by the dr that I needed to find a office job.I only know trucking,hauling cars.The w/c adjuster called me last week and told me my company had no office work for me.So,I am trying to find a dispatching job but no luck cause I have no experience.I made 70k a year and now it is gone to zero.W/C offered 10k for a settlement which is bull so I will get an attorney and fight.10k will not save my house and it will be spent in 3 months then I'll be back broke again,so why not wait to make it bigger,Hopefully.You are not alone.It is very depressing but you have to fake being ok for the kids.Best of luck!

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