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    Default Unfair Outcome of Mediation

    just need to vent came from mediation today ,results lawyer gets paid ,injured worker gets nothing. was told to find a job. is there any jobs out there were you dont have to use your right hand? i have nerve damage in my right hand . i use to work as a cna, but it would be hard to care for residents with one hand. at times i wondered if its worth it all , i already lost my dignity,dr refused pain meds and said i am fine.that i cango back to work full duty. was fired from my job,accused of abuse and handling residents to roughly . so my creditabilty is ruined ,forget working at a nursing home again

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    Please post this in the Injured Worker's Forum. I think you'd get feedback. This is the site for "inspiration" and I doubt if anyone reads this.

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    Oh people read it Anonymous, just most post within the forum. This thread was created to share stories of inspiration.

    Keep the Faith

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