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    My experience with wc is that it is one sided and it is not your side they are concerned about.It is called workers comp supposedly to help employees oif they were to get hurt on the job but ... I went to the Library in Baton Rouge on Goodwood and spent many hours doing a lot of research and copying so I can study the laws on wc. The problem is there are laws but you cannot get any one to enforce the laws for the injured worker. Even if you have a lawyer! It is so twisted it is pathetic. I believe there are fraudulant cases. By George go get them people who are faking it. But there are also many good people who are truly injured and pretty much get the royal shaft. I mean you are entitled to such and such, but the wc ins can jerk you around, manipulate, orchistrate, and basically drive you nuts. I would suggest if you got the time hit the library on goodwood, I was able to find a lot of reading material to help with this. You may need to bring 20. or 30. to be able to make copies because a lot of thesse books can't leave the library. Good luck.

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