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    numby Guest


    new symptom of numbness in both feet and toes including heels. curious if cervical injury would cause numbness there???? already had surgery on c6 c7 also shoulder surgery, used to numbness in hands but now this????? no relief from pain from either surgery nor is mobility any better.

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    alaska Guest


    I believe the nerve roots going to the feet come from L5-S1 which is the lower back. The neck takes in the shoulders and hands.

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    adjuster Guest


    Your condition is unlikely coming from your cervical region. This would be more indicative of low back disc problem or even diabetic neuropathy. Do not wait on this and make sure you get it check out asap.

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    sbh Guest


    All nerves run thru the neck area. Numbness in the lower extremities can originate in the cervical region. There is a simple test doctors do to determine the origin neck vs. back.

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