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    rce Guest


    I see... well I just consulted with my PCP; he doesn't recommend that I be PNS'd at all; as a matter of fact, because I can't afford Voc Rehab/PD payments and I am pursuing a different career in nursing, since I can't type forever, I shouldn't have TD or PD haunt my future chances. He says that my case isn't worth that much $ as far as settlement anyway, in other words, why would I accept $ when it can hurt my potential earnings as an RN in the future. So, I basically have to magically "heal and get better" so that my case just ends without being PNS'd. To be honeest, I don't know how I will deal with the day to day pain without any restrictions/at full duty.

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    alaska Guest


    Answer: A settlement will probably not hurt your future. It will help it.

    Do not be afraid of your current employer. I heard the same thing from mine and it was in healthcare too. They just want to keep their premiums down. They are not looking out for you. To be released with few restricitions, to please them, when you are not there, is not in your best interest. It is in their best interest. You must start looking out for number 1 yourself to survive this mess.

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    rce Guest


    Alaska~ it's you again! A settlement could help my future? But my PCP said that even if he rates me at 12-15% disabled (which I think is rather low), that it would only be worth between $8-$10T... also very low - and then I would be subject to Voc Rehab, which would only pay me minimum PD payments (about $800/month)??? I can't live off of that money. Help.

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    rce Guest


    ...oh and I didn't quite understand "To be released with few restricitions, to please them, when you are not there, is not in your best interest. It is in their best interest." could you elaborate?

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    alaska Guest


    What you do is combine the PD (permanant disability) with the vog rehab maintence allowment. Hence, you can receive what you are getting now. They will up the amount of your PD weekly amount. But keep in mind your PD is finite. It comes to an end. It will also be a given set amount regardless of whether or not you use the vog rehab. The settlement money can help you to get to where you need to pick up your life again. You can use this with the vog rehab to try to change things. Keep in mind that vog rehab is not a long term college plan. It is a one year program.

    The amount your treating doctor, now says as to settlement, is probably low, in that the insurance company often puts you with a doctor who will evaluate you on the low end. Not all doctors evaluate the same. I went through this too. The insurance company doctors always think your disability is little and limited. That is a given. It is all really a game. The doctor wants more business for the future. So he writes and does what the person refering wants (ins co) so that he gets more business. This can be said of the applicant attorney side as well. Meanwhile, the worker is lost without even knowing it. I would go with the applicant attorney doctor any day. They to me seem less jaded in how they evaluate a injured worker.

    In the release with the few restrictions. What that means is your employer will encourage you to ask for few restrictions. That way they will say you can have employment with them. It really doesn't work that way. The few restrictions means little settlement for you and greater savings on their premiums in the future. Do not be mislead. Your employer has no loyality to you. Remember your employer can let you go regardless. Unfortunately, the laws are on their side and proving discrimination is a very tough thing to do.

    Your best interest is to look out for yourself. Make your own decisions and don't look at bridges you can't cross anymore with remorse. There are other avenues out there and you will have to explore some to find them. They do exist.

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    rce Guest


    OK, I understand now. Thanks so much for explaining that to me. I will go ahead and "try" my full duty as my doctor requests. The minute I am unable to fulfill my duties and need to be taken off again, I will not hesitate to do so. I will be sure to look out for my best interest...recovery seems to be the way for me. Thanks for all your pointers. I'll talk to you again soon...

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    bloom Guest


    Hi I'm rather young and I was hit by a forklift and I'm having so much pain to some nights it is hard to sleep. I've had a hard time every since I've been hurt.The Dr. I was seeing gave me a 0% rating . So asked for a second opinion and I got that through th e industrial commission. What should I do to increase my chances in getting the help that I truly need .I am frustrated

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    anonymous Guest


    You might want to switch to another treating doctor.
    If it's just pain and nothing fundamentally wrong there may not be anything that can be done other then giving it time.

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