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    alaska Guest


    When I first filed my claim I did not know how to file it out. No one helped me with it. When I asked my supervisor she said, "you'll have to figure it out for yourself." There was no one helping me with the claim.

    In fear, I did not put down all the body parts. I was hurting in many places but only put down those places that were very obvious. This was a repitive injury.

    When you initially went to the employee clinic or the doctor, did they give you a complete physical exam, or did they only address those issues you wrote down?

    I am wondering because it seems that the patient would not be able to diagnose oneself. The patient should be given a total physical exam it would seem and asked questions from the get go as to where one was hurting and the circumstances.

    Later these things come back to haunt you. All along the insurance company has been treating these body parts. This was done by the doctors findings and orders. Now the doctor says, "hey this conservative treatment is not working." "We need to go further and do some surgery." I was willing to go the conservative treatment since that is seemingly more safe. But I agree that I now need further treatment.

    What is now happening is that the insurance company is disputing the other body parts which they have been treating all along. This is due to them not being put down on the initial form. .

    My point is: How many of us had a complete physical exam at inital injury exam? I am curious to your experience since mine would not discuss anything but what I put down. This kept happening up until now. We will go to court on this one of course, and I believe I will win. In fact my attorney tells me will win no problem. But does't it seem that initially they should have checked everything and asked questions as to if or not I was hurting anywhere else? I did not realize for instance that I had to wear a towle around my neck and that was due to the looking down injury going on at the same time. Your input is greatly appreciated.

    How many got a through exam at onset of injury?

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    anonymous Guest


    Mine was through and done ok. The doctor in charge left no stone unturned.

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    stanley Guest


    My wc doctor didn't even write down in his report half of what i told him,and didn't even write down correctly how my accident occurred. There #1 goal is to release you back to work whether your well or not. I found out about his initial repiort when i went to an AME appt. The wc doctor had a bunch of lies and half truths. He even wrote that i had broken my arm 3 times which is not true. I had broken it once. I wonder why he did this because my injury had nothing to do with my wrist but my lower back. Every injured worker needs to see what is being written down and don't let these doctors tell you nothing is wrong with you if you feel otherwise. You deserve a second opinion.

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    sbh Guest


    Whenever I see a doctor I give them a written summary of everything that I'm having a problem with. This can protect you later when the doctor might not have written something down and it's your word vs theirs.

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    pooh Guest



    Godd advice.

    Alaska - No they did not do a physical and most doctors will only treat what comp has authorized them to treat. Even thought their doctors wrote down this and this and this where also problems caused by the injury - they have yet to treat those problems. Some of the things I did fill out more claim forms on - just because I needed those issues addressed as well. Did you know upper extremity does not include the hands and wrists. Go and figure that one out - and the fact that I could barely write my name after I got injured and they filled out the paper themselves.


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    mjc Guest


    What ever happened to routine History and Physicals when seeing a doctor, especially for the first time? Sounds like none of you recieved such a thing. That should always be done due to the fact that an individual may have other medical problems that all doctors should be aware of when treating a person for whatever they will be treating them for. Other medications may be involved that you might be taking which the doctor should know about when attempting to treat you. I know this is not my story as was asked in the initial post. I felt I would throw this into the conversation as food for thought. Sorry some of you are experiencing this type of treatment. Take care!

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