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    kneeknots Guest

    Default Broke and have to move out of state - Will this affect the case?

    I have now officially spent all of my savings on surgery and followup (PT, Meds, more surgery) care from my workers comp case. I now have to move with my brother in texas but the case is not settled. will this affect the case?

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    anonymous Guest


    You may have to travel back for medical appointments and/or court appearances.
    Your texas doc may not accept california fees.

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    lizzie Guest


    I moved a out of California years ago. The insurance company tried to close my case twice and the judge/WCAB information officer let me know about it. Be very careful and keep in touch with your attorney or the information officer at your local WCAB. Good luck to you!

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    kneeknots Guest


    Thank you Lizzie, the insurance company tried to close my case once too, they said Off Calander or something. How did you manage qme visits?

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    lizzie Guest


    It was a joke, the comp company sent me to a QME that was an Ortho, not a neurologist. After the Dr. Stated that I was ok from an orthopedic stand point, the comp company terminated my TD, but kept paying for Dr. visits and Physical Therapy. That was before I moved. After I moved the attorneys for comp tried to get me to sign off on paperwork and the claim. I refused to sign anything that was not in my benefit. Good Luck to you.

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