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    ken Guest


    Just passing this on to interested IW's:

    From: "Myrna Curzon"

    Employers and employees:
    You are invited to share your views on Oregon's workers' compensation
    system. The Management-Labor Advisory Committee is a group of employer and
    worker representatives that advises the governor and legislature on workers'
    compensation issues. The committee is seeking comments about all aspects of
    the workers' compensation system, with particular interest in vocational
    rehabilitation and the Preferred Worker Program.

    Monday, January 26
    4-6 p.m.
    Lane County Public Service
    Building, Harris Hall
    125 E. Eighth Ave., Eugene
    (corner of Eighth and Oak)

    For more information, contact Lou Savage, (503) 947-7867,
    The meeting is accessible to persons with disabilities. To request an
    for the hearing impaired or other accommodations, please call (503) 378-4100
    at least 48 hours before the meeting.

    To subscribe please send your request to

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    pooh Guest



    Thanks - I am sure many other states should be doing the same thing. Especially with this year being an election year.

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    tim Guest


    Eugene is a long ways for me to go. Is there any way I can voice my opinion through correspondents.
    I have alot to say about about our extremely screwed up system here in Oregon.

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    ken Guest


    Since they are looking for voc rehab comments, just how many voc rehab people can even make it without comp starting some crap with them for skipping school.

    I don't even get out until out of school until 4:00 and the meeting is 3-4 hour away.

    Hmmmm? Could this be just a way of placating the voc rehab IW, because I already know that the Govenor dosen't really care about fixing his comp problems. Maybe this is a fixer-upper for all of the screw ups that have been put in the news recently. After all, why would the state want to lose this $2 billion cash cow by having comp go private?

    Give this person a call, and see if they are going to have one in your area, which they should, because they are suppose to be covering the state with this meetings.

    For more information, contact Lou Savage, (503) 947-7867,

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