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    concerned Guest

    Default Settlement Time Frame

    Adjuster, how long does it usually take to settle with a semi-complicated case. (lots of future medical) Do they wait until the Dr releases you....with chronic pain.... what do they normally do if you don't level out....accident 16 months ago, no more immediate surgery is foreseen. Future needed surgery has been documented per Dr when ratings were given. Ratings have also been given for the surgical areas by orthopedic, does pain clinic drs also give ratings on other areas that are being treated by them? Such as chronic pain and also RSD and or fibromialgia? Pain clinic still trying to find right combination of meds for pain, but haven't been able to control it yet. Also, how long can you stay on limited or light duty. Have already been told I will not be capable of doing previous job. No other position has been offered due to limited hours per dr and also restrictions that have been placed on work currently. Is the insurance co the one who starts the ball rolling or your attorney?

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    adjuster Guest


    What state are you in as this can make a difference.

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    concerned Guest


    The state is NC.

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    adjuster Guest


    Concerned...Anyone can start the ball rolling on the settlement process. Generally it is the iw or the iw attorney who intially expresses a desire to settle. A demand is made and then the carrier will respond. At that point negotiations are entered into for a final resolution. As I have said many times not all claims do settle nor should all claims be settled. There are some that just can't get done. The bottom line is it is your life and you must be comfortable and satisfied with the settlement amount. Hope this helps.

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    Adjuster I have a question. They have just stopped the TTD last month. I was wondering if they will still pay for the medication my husband is taking for pain. Is it unusual for them to not pay TTD but pay for the medication? My husband's attorney said yesterday when I called that it was the insurance company way of getting the ball rolling? Anyhow I am just wondering if the medicine would still get paid for.

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    Living in IL...Generally medical is still paid for even if they stop the indemnity unless they are denying the claim. I would suggest you have your atty call and ask them if there is going to be a problem with the medications.

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    living Guest


    Thank you adjuster very much. After paying TTD for a year and a half and buying him a hospital bed, I doubt they are denying the claim. I do appreciate your input to all the posts that I seen here. It helps understand alot. Some people are just mean and bored and that is why they lash out. Have a good day!!

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    rjl Guest


    Thanks adjuster for all your answers and responses.

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    dodge Guest


    adjuster can you get a settlment & still get your
    medical paid.
    I hate to say it but w/c & my stupid dr. & my
    retarded lawyer are messing me up.
    adjuster will you please read my thred (WHAT ARE THEY......) O.K. & let me know what you think please

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    concerned Guest


    Thank you adjuster, I really appreciate your input. I was just concerned about where it stood. Is there a limit to how long you can stay on limited duty? I don't see this issue changing anytime soon..... just didn't know if they could or would push to settle since I work limited duties and hours now. Just don't trust them and fear the unexpected. Never know what they will attempt to pull next. So far they have paid late as it may be at times, and have also provided medical treatment even though it takes a lengthy process for them to approve it. Have not had to go before a hearing yet...Hope they continue. Just wondered how long this can go on as it is now. Thanks for all your help and assistance.

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