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    justme Guest

    Default Insurance Companies Wanting to Cut Injured Workers Benefits

    Insurers Report Record 2003 Profits: Pocket millions while pushing to cut injured workers

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    deb Guest


    what else is new ,just another way to save money.

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    sam Guest


    I pray that no one gets injured in california,because it looks like they will be royally screwed. With these insurance companies making these ridiculous profits why isn't arnold looking at them as to the reason employees pay so much for wc insurance. Is it because they give him financial support? Arnold better watch out because he will get recalled just like greay davis or worse some IW who has just had enough will take it out on arnold. That is what drastic measures this system can take you to.

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    ????? Guest


    Is there a reason anon that things shouldn't be copied and pasted so people can know what is going on? Maybe ignorance is bliss as they say?

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    anonymous Guest


    Let's face it - if California gets away with it - all the other states will jump on the bandwagon - like they haven't made enough money off us. Then they invest all that money into the politicians pockets so that they too can screw us over.

    It's never going to change for us if we don't try to do something about it. We have to continue to fight them.

    Too bad we couldn't recall all the politicians and start out with new ones - including a few injured workers themselves!

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    edk Guest


    California is not the only one going through reform. I have read nothng about it in my state of KS but my attorney informed me that there was a law being voted on that would reduce the $100,000 cap that KS has on payments. The payment is the combination of TTD and any PTD or PPD.
    How many other states have similar things in legislature that is NOT well publisized?

    Did anyone else see the show showing the Ins. fraud in California? Dr's are paying people with good insurance to have surgeries. The patient finder gets $1000, the patient gets $800 and the "clinics" get rich. Sweaty palm surgery was one such surgery. The drs were charging 5 or 6 times what the surgery should cost. It is not hand surgery it is surgery of the nerves at the spine, very dangerous. The patient "finders" target foreign immigrants with good insurance.
    It is being investigated Federally. These people come from all over the states but the surgeries happen in California. Very sad.

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    anonymous Guest


    edk - insurance fraud is going on everyday - and the insurance companies don't give those people the hard time they give us

    it's so hard to believe that an insurance company would pay for such surgeries at such ridiculous costs and yet deny the injured workers the medical they need

    to bad for us the federal government doesn't do something to help us...

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    edk Guest


    My point was the corruption that the DOCTORS in CA are involved in. All of these surgeries were being performed in CA even though patients had to come from out of state.... that is the loophole, the out of state can be in a different price code for proceedures.... thats is how they are charging so much and getting away with it.

    I can not say what ins. co do with fraud or if they give others the same hard time or not. I do know they dictate proceedures in HMO's as much as they dictate for us. I do not think coruption is limited to WC, that is just my opinion and by no means a fact.

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    anonymous Guest


    Try not to make a generalization that doctors in California are corrupt. I have worked in medical care in many states and money is always the root of all evil.

    Other states are just as guilty too. There is corruption in HMO's and work comp both. The worst case I believe is these insurance paid IME's who will lie to stop someone's treatment for the insurance co dollar.

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    anonymous Guest


    thats right edk - all medical insurance is the same - it seems that whether you are an injured worker or not - the insurance company plays God with your health - there should be something done about all of this - no wonder americans are so sick these days - do you think it would be better if everyone stopped paying for their medical insurance and just depended on the medicaid and medicare to take care of them the insurance companies would get the hint - to stop playing with our health??? heck - they could be knocked out of business!!!!! (awwwww - i'm sure they wouldn't be missed!!!!)

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