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    anonymous Guest

    Default The Problem With Work Comp

    Here lies the problem with work comp.

    First off the playing field is not level.

    Second they have all the money and you don't.

    Third it is just fine and dandy for them to lie but you don't.

    Fourth their defense attorney has all the time to review the case and get his ducks in order, yours don't.

    Fifth, your attorney is swamped dealing in mass volume. Your case is not with its ducks in order and often your attorney is just trying to "wing it".

    Sixth, you must stay on top of your own case. This is difficult to do since you really don't know the legal system well enough.

    Seventh it is fine and dandy for their IME to write any lie he wishes. You can not even defend yourself from the lies of charactor of which are thrown in to boot.

    Eighth, they can film you doing anything and use it against you. Only, they cut out the portions which may be in your favor.

    Lastly, you hope and pray to get a judge who can look at this thing from the right direction and sort it out. But your attorney is often not with their ducks really in order. I have seen this applicant attorney problem many times. The system is stacked against the applicant since their attorney doesn't have the time to really study the case.

    Sad situation this really is. So much for the injured worker. I can understand why some get into trouble contributing the lies. It is important to be able to disprove their end.

    Why is it that all this stuff is allowed to happen? The answer is money of course. It is not at all a game of what is right. We are lost in just believing that. You too will be bucked off the system when the time is right. So much to receiving the medical care you need in a timely manner. It is all about discouraging you and starving you out.

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    anon Guest


    The insurance companies and all the IME's that work for them should be thoroughly investigated. When an insurance carrier is making huge profits for the year - you know darn well they don't pay claims!

    The issues we have should be looked at fairly. Both sides of the story should be laid out on the table. The insurance companies have the money to keep the injured workers side of the story off the table.

    Blame the judges for not realizing that there are two sides to every story - and that the insurance carriers are the most dishonest people to deal with.

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    anonymous Guest


    The insurance carriers have all the money in the world to throw money at attempting to "save" their expendutures. It is far better to spend 5 to 10 thousand stopping medical care than to provide it at 100,000. This is their thinking which rules the system.

    Insurance is not in the business to do the right thing but to make the money. This is all what its about. Statistics show that they are in fact rolling in the bucks. They do not roll as a result of spending friends.

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    anonymous Guest


    By law we are required to have various insurances, but just try to get the benefits it is supposed to provide and see what happens.

    Websters defination of insurance:

    The act of insuring, or assuring, against loss or damage by a contingent event; a contract whereby, for a stipulated consideration, called premium, one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by certain specified risks.

    Is that a LAUGH or what? Think Webster needs to revise that defination!!

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    anonymous Guest


    Yeah. But in the american released version, they better do it in all kinds of language translations. Especially nowadays.

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    angel Guest


    The problem with worker's comp is that there are SO MANY workers who are not legitimately injured that it makes the whole system suspicious of those who are.

    I have dealt with IW who had a family business going on. Momma on disability, daddy on disability, and now the son's working it too.
    I have worked with academy-award winning actors/actresses. Real pros!
    These are the real problems.

    I have NEVER had an instance where an IME doctor lied. Period. Not ever. Not once.
    They simply state the truth as they see it.
    They give their medical opinion. They have NOTHING to gain by lying other than hurting their own credibility.

    The carrier most of the time, is not even geographically familiar with your town/city or whatever and doesn't "know" the doctor from Adam's housecat and therefore there is no relationship.

    The dishonest claimaints in WC breed paranoia for all involved across the entire spectrum.

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    biased?? Guest


    Wow what a bias opinion!

    Do you have a ocean in Arizona that I can buy too?

    I have a dishonest IME caught on tape. Soon he will be deposed. Guess they are not all honest then are they?

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    angel Guest


    So by dishonest IME you are suggesting that the physician in question lied or falsified the truth to benefit the insurance company/adjuster/carrier he doesn't work for?

    Most physicians I know are independent and do not work "for" any insurance companies.

    My opinion isn't biased, but is based on real life experience.

    As far as IME can a doctor say something does or doesn't exist if it's there on exam and he has the records from other doctors to support the same thing.

    Doctors have nothing to gain by saying you're not injured, if in fact you are.

    It just doesn't make sense.
    That's all I'm saying.

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    biased Guest


    Angel, what your IMEs do is make a statement that what you said occured in the work enviornment, didn't happen. You have told them and produced documented evidence. This includes reports etc. in the medical file. However, they conviently leave it out, or better yet say that you never told them it happened. The tape does not lie. The doctor does. He will pay for his dishonesty and attempt to discredit ones charactor. This is what this issue is about. The insurance co trying to make it look like it did not occur in employment. The doctor bipasses the documentated information. This is a known problem. How conveient.

    Its like here's the picture of the accident and the x ray to show the damage. But the doctor says it doesn't exist. I have a newspaper article to boot of the industrial accident, but the doctor leaves it out.

    It is furvouis to attempt to run this discussion with you. You put on that you do not know all the doctors, and what they will say. Let me say that it is a known thing in the industry that both sides know the doctors for defense and applicant as well as the nuetral ones.

    So please don't come here and say they are different and unbiased. Your industry and the lawyers on both sides know different. How long have you been dealing with this industry? Were you born yesterday? And, yes the insurance co does pay this doctor for his report. He does work for the insurance co.

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    angel Guest


    Born yesterday? Hardly.
    In the industry a very long time.

    I guess perhaps I am the mutant one in the industry, because I can honestly say that I have never held back information about a client intentionally from a physician, nor have a "created" or falsified information to benefit a carrier.

    Nor do I know any physicians who are that dishonest. Not saying they don't exist, just saying I've never met one.

    All you have to do is put them on the witness stand with the other treating physicians and voila', the truth does indeed come out.
    Doctors know that.

    So in your instance, a work injury itself was refuted, because perhaps there was no witness or you reported it to your supervisor who didn't take you seriously, or maybe reported it the next day. I have seen that.
    I'm sorry for your situation.

    You know, where IME docs are concerned....I have seen applicant attorneys seek their own IMEs if they felt it was warranted to document the situation.

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