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    ulosem1 Guest


    I lost my left index finger at work about two months ago and I'm still seeing a doctor.My question is do I have to do or say anything to collect a loss of use settlement.

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    gl Guest


    Some-one else may be by in order to point you in the right direction. My only suggestion would be to discuss this with both your Employer as well as your Dr.- or have you already done so ? The sooner, the better.

    NOT to make light of your accident, but I have oftentimes wondered what a difference it might make if we had not been born with an index finger to begin... with.

    Good Luck

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    cd Guest


    My boy got 16 thousand dollars for his index finger. It's a scheduled loss

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    anonymous Guest


    The schedule is different in every state. After your medicalcondition stablizes your doctor has to send in a report discribing the loss and any other restrictions or impairments. You shouldn't have to do anything until they contact you.

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    ulosem1 Guest


    Thank's for the info everyone.I still do not know if I should do or say anything though.One person say's yes and one say's no.

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    gt Guest


    I guess that leaves you with only one other choice.


    Good Luck

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    relsmom Guest


    what state are you in?

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    ulosem1 Guest



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    angel Guest


    Where settlement is concerned, a lot of times, if you don't ask or mention it the adjuster will let the file die a natural death.

    If it were me, after I was put at P&S or MMI, I'm calling my adjuster to talk $$$.

    Of course if you retain an attorney, they supposed to help with that, but some just want their cut of your settlement money without the work.

    Call 'em.

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