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    Default Work Reduced From Full-Time To Part-Time

    Is this legal? My employer offers a 25 Flex position for Part time employees and 40 hours to Full time employees. I am F/T and had my injury while I was full time. Since my injury 1/22/03, my PCP has reduced my schedule several times to less than 40 hrs. Can my employer reduce my work status to part time because of this? It doesn't seem right at all.

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    If you believe you are being discriminated because you have a comp claim you can file for additional benefits.

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    sounds like they are playing games with you. Where i worked i was loved until i got hurt and then when i was put on light duty they started messing with my hours. Having me work night shifts,then shifts right in the middle of day,then weekends. I never gave them the satisfaction of complaining. When i got the chance i transfeered to the store across town,since it was closer. I got the last laugh,because i don't want to go back and my doctor says there is no way i can and my employer has to pay for vocational training reluctantly,but they have no work that meets my very very strict conditions,that i may add my doctor was very genoerous in giving me

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    Thanks for the input... who would I file for additional benefits? BTW, not only would the reduction in hours reduce my pay - but also affect my benefits, accrument of vacation/sick pay, etc. I'm not even PNS'd yet, not even close. They just met my doctors request to change my workstation last week. I am trying my best to work my full 8 hours. The problem is, is that I have flare ups and I am unable to come to work. Rather than reduce my daily hours, my doctor decided to give me one day off a week, no OT and a break each hour to rest/massage my arms. My manager also seems to forget that it's not carpal tunnel. I keep having to remind her that it's a neural issue that's being exacerbated by the work... she constantly asks if I've applied for other positions within the company for a "better fit". I understand her role as a manager, it's just very awkward to have to explain myself every time there's a change. I have FMLA to protect days off due to flare ups and I ALWAYS see my doctor on those days and ask him to write a note, for my employer's sake. My doctor gave me a reality check: it's not about you getting better, it's only about if you can or cannot do your job. I've known this, but I never really saw the reality of it until now.

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