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    debbie Guest

    Default Finding A Good RSD Doctor

    aj do you know or have a list of drs that are experienced or know about rsd ?i have a friend that has this condition and its spreading ,her current dr says there is nothing more that he can do for her ,and refused to see her again .she is so severly depressed and thinks she is going to die. any help would be appreciated thanks

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    angel Guest


    I am not totally familiar with the WC law in Florida as far as whether or not you can request a physician change, panel to choose from, 2nd opinion, etc.

    If her current doctor says there is nothing more that can be done, get him to refer your friend to someone who routinely manages RSD. It can be arrested/stopped many times with stellate ganglion blocks, depending on where it is.

    It can go into remission, but you have to find the RIGHT doctor to treat it.

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    debbie Guest


    thanks angel but it doesnt have to be a workers comp dr . dr refuse to refer her to another dr .as usaul with workmans comp .it just doesnt work comp drs could care less if you lived or died as long as they get paid .

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    angel Guest


    Can you not change physicians in florida or has that option been exhausted already?

    Have you asked the adjuster for a second opinion?

    If not, have you consulted an atty to see what other recourse you have?

    If it's truly RSD, it needs to be treated sooner rather than later.
    I pray that it's not RSD.

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    debbie Guest


    yes you can but it takes 6 months or longer i know from experience .i wouldnt ask a adjuster for a medical opinion even though some like to play dr with your life .she does have rsd and its in stage 3 .she needs to be treated asap not when comp thinks its convenent .

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    angel Guest


    Debbie: What about going to the worker's comp board? That's usually quite motivating on the part of the adjuster if they get involved.

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    vf Guest


    If she needs treatment IMMEDIATLY-then go to the emergency room. The issue here is you want comp to pay for it immediatly,theres a difference.

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    frustrated Guest


    vf - i agree with you - when you are in extreme pain don't worry about your adjustor - go to the ER and make comp pay - if they don't - take them to court - your health is something you shouldn't fool around with - show them that you are not going to play games when there is an emergency

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    adjuster Guest


    Debbie...Sorry I have been out of town and just read your post. What area of the state is your friend in? Let me know and I will see what I can do.

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    debbie Guest


    thanks a.j. she found a dr .

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