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    Default What can be done about being misdiagnosed

    I previously posted about being diagnosed with Pirformis Syndrome.
    My question is this: I was being treated for a back injury by an Orthopediac. After PT, MRI's CT scans, EMG's Epidural injections he imforms me that the problem with my hip/leg is not being caused from my back and he was going to inform W/C that he could not warrant the injury as being job related. When I told him that the pain was real his reply was " If everyone who had leg pain was given disablity, the whole state of Rhode Island would be disabled." I was mortified!!!
    He never even looked at any other possibilities as the cause of the pain.
    Would something like this be considered mal-practice seeing as the Neurosurgeon diagnosed the problem? I am just curious about this. I feel like I wasted 9 months of being treating for the wrong thing and have to start treatment all over again, including probable surgery.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    me Guest


    Not unless you where "INJURED BECAUSE OF THE TREATMENT". It's a hard case to prove-you would have to have another doc testify that his treatment caused your injury. It's next to immpossible to get a doc to go against another doc especially in malpractice

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    mrinri Guest


    No, I wasn't injured because of the treatment, however because the Piriformis Syndrome went undetected for so long, it worsened the condition. So now the only other option I have left is surgery.

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    the most you would get if you won a malpractice suit would be for pain and suffering. And most attorneys won't touch it because the pay off to them is low. But if you want to go that route - Talk to several attorneys that specialize in mal-practice. You can also report them to the state licencing board for review. My attorney told me the length of time it would/may take to resolve a mis-diagnosis - and the cost - and it was actually more to my advantage to report him to the state board. At least he is investigated and maybe the same thing won't happen to someone else. After all isn't that just as important - saving someone from going through what we have.

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    actually nothing , just have to learn to live with it
    sad but true.i do i will be going back to work shortly .but hey who cares ...the goverment needs there taxes .

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    workers compensation should be charged with mal practice .

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    4 out of 5 DX's are wrong
    in the real world as well as WC

    Medicine is not an exact science, much of it is chiseling away the layers. Think its this, treat it, doesn't work, then try this or that.

    Many illnesses and injuries are diagnosed by a series of deductions.

    Its the sad truth; however, in the real world you seem to go through the series of deductions a lot faster than the world of WC

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