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    Can anyone give me some advise with the Indiana workerscomp laws on occupational asthma. I have been hosptalized and off work for the past 6 months and under doctors care for isocyante induce asthma due to exposure from chemicals from the workplace. While working for this company for the past 3 years I have been in and out of doctors offices with breathing and stomach problems only to find out 6 months ago it was due to my work enviroment. When I brought statments from 3 of my pulmonary doctors stated the same findings occupational induce asthma, I thought my employers would of filed a WCC but instead filed for Short Term Disability.Now my benifits have ended,and my doctors said it would be a death sentence to return to work. I have filed a WCC but don't know much about IN law for occupational asthma. If there is anyone out their who knows the law I would be greatful for the help.

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    I found this link while looking up isocyante induced asthma. You might find it interesting.

    On the home page of this site(forum)you can click on your state and find info on your state laws.

    Good luck to you!

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    Sorry, I didn't realize the link was not all there. Kinda like me )....

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