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    Default Forced Into Accepting An Inadequate Settlement

    Well...give WC insurance another gold star. They have beaten me down so far that I had to give in today and accept their settlement. My car was repoed, can't pay rent and getting an eviction notice. I wish now that I had never reported the injury as an on the job injury.

    If I ever get another job, which looks highly unlikely in this town &#40;turned down for over 50 jobs since 11 August 04 when released from WC&#41; and end up injured, I will not report it as an OTJ. I will pay for the treatment myself and sue the <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> out of the employer.

    I wish I knew how the people running WC sleep at night. If they only were forced to live as many IW&#39;s do....even for just 30 days, wondering how they are going to pay their bills, keep a roof over their children&#39;s on the table...if the treatment they are getting is going to help in any way.....I bet they would all run back to Washington and redo the whole dang system in a heartbeat.

    I want nothing more than to just give up now and go play in traffic. I feel less than sub-human and can only imagine what those of you who have been in the system for years feel like.

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    pooh Guest



    Sorry to hear that you had to settle for what they offered. But you do have up to 3 yrs i do believe if the condition gets worse. Did you have an ime of your own???

    Keep your head up hun.

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    gemini Guest


    angel ,i know how you feel i myself had to except a force settlement and finding a job is next to impossible with my injury ,i had to get my own medical care to find out what was wrong . i feel the same way as you do.

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    undercovrangel Guest


    That&#39;s the only good thing about this injury and the IC. I have lifetime reopening rights. As long as I have a Dr that will back me with a medical reason for it. The only bad part is, I won&#39;t get the medication I need for the rest of my life covered. And there is no way I can afford it, not at $102.99 a month when I have no income.
    I am going to still fight for my vocational rehab. I found out that it is an entirely seperate issue from the award. Cuz one way or the other, I am going back to school. If WC turns me down for Voc. Rehab...then I will go to a local place here called Job Connect. It&#39;s not really unemployment, but a center that helps people looking for work, as well as helping them get unemployment benefits. They have vocational rehablitation as well.

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    You can call the vocational rehab place yourself as well if Comp turns you down. Make sure they send you a written letter to the effect. What voc rehab will do then - is send you some paperwork to fill out and also set up an appointment to meet with you. I don&#39;t remember if you have children under the age of 18 or not. But I know they do seem to put single women that were injured on top priorty to getting them into the program. If you are accepted after comp denies you - they may try to go back to comp themselves to get reimbursed for the cost of the program. That is what I was told in Iowa. Not sure about Nevada - but worth a shot into checking into it.

    You can also check with the state on the perscription or medical plans they offer. There might be something there to help you at this time as well.

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    nj Guest


    Hello Angel

    For a free Discount Prescription card call Nations Health 1-800-977-9655
    It&#39;s not easy but try not to feel beaten one day
    they will have to answer to God.

    Life is only a season
    There is more reason
    For all we see.


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    Many drug manufacturers have patient assistance programs which will provide your meds at no cost &#40;or low cost&#41;. Check with your pharmacist, doctor, nurse or other health care provider. Any of them can help you complete the necessary paperwork &amp; get you the meds you need, if that company has a program, and you meet their eligibility requirements. &#40;no insurance or Medicaid coverage, low or no income&#41;.
    Most of the programs will provide meds for up to a year. They ship the meds to your provider who will then dispense to you. Is there a free clinic in your area? Might also be a source for free meds.
    Keep your head up, girl.

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    nj Guest


    As Jaxlady said Keep Your Head Up {:&#62; &#41;&#41;

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