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    Default Struggling Forward


    Pt, that

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    Good for you!!!

    It's been said that adversity is what introduces us to...ourselves. I imagine that right about now, you must be rather impressed! Don't let anyone, especially the Workers' Compensation System, EVER.. steal the glow that the exudes from your spirit and what now, also appears to be resounding from the very depths of your soul! You've earned them ....the hard way.

    I am confident that you will prevail - and in light of the fact that you ARE setting a precedent with the State of Ohio's, BWC by way OF this joinder - can you even begin to imagine the immense gravity of all that this may actually AND eventually... imply ? I pray that Injured Workers' throughout our Nation may be comforted and indeed rest a little easier, due to both your efforts and... your vision, SacredWolf. I do know that I will.

    Is it not true, that the most simple "kite" must first go against the mighty and powerful winds, so that it too.. may fly ?"

    And does!!

    Please, keep us posted.



    P.S. Regards to your "four-legged," faithful companion! I am sure a great source of both loyalty and of... joy.

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    Thank you for your kind and insightful comments. I don

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    I again thank you for your gentle comments and hope that your stay here shall be both appreciated and prove an enlightening, shared experience by all. I'll look for your opinions and comments in the various threads of the IW Forum. ( Do take an "extended" look around, and be especially sure to visit the "Archived Discussion" section.)

    Your posts echo much of how I personally, both view and visualize the state of various political and WC... "things." Wasn't always this way - however; I will relate to you, that not un-like others, many of my individual perceptions and perspectives have also been born of the life experiences I too have had, along with those shared and been taught to me by uniquely gifted, "pre- destined"/ mutual...kindred souls.

    I have indeed been blessed - I thus remain and AM indeed.... "eternally" grateful.

    It appears that you; my friend, SacredWolf, are an extremely vocal and most pursuasive advocate of those Rights and indeed, one whom aims towards those ideals that can help re-shape and also have a most profound and compelling impact, upon some of the "indoctrinated," WC masses! Although a mere observation on my humble part; I must, however, ask, can they dare take YOU...lightly ? Can they not maintain some semblance regard, or at the very least, display a remote ambiance of mutual respect towards both your "real-world" intelligence, or the knowledge that you, so clearly and eloquently...define ? Would they not be impressed or otherwise responsive to your insights, knowledge and wisdom if they were perhaps and additionally, made aware of the "circles" that you, TOO have travelled and those of historical "proportion" of whom you have also mutually; and I am certain, respectfully communicated? What pray tell, are their arguments... ( if any ) against your most perceptive and keen assessment of the Constitutional "Republic" - as opposed to..... "Democracy"
    TRUTH ? Furthermore, have or would they make any attempt to step outside of the box, in order to argue your "theory" (LOL) of the FACTUAL basis and its relevancy, in regards to the U.S. Constitution and the most astute, observation that you present in regards to the totally un-constitutional, "Fourth Administrative Branch of the United States, Government." ( Yet another "truth" that I was taught, by a MOST favorite "mentor".!!)

    Do stick-around, SacredWolf. You are really needed here! Hopefully, the "gifts" that you are so generously offering, will generate yet other responses - prompt other minds to open-up and thus engage in an ongoing cycle, of the sharing and support too often, mutually "experienced" and un-fortunately unique, to many fellow Injured Workers' of this Country.

    BTW..."For What its Worth", Steven Stills and the Buffalo Springfield - STILL have the 45 record.
    One of the best.



    P.S. My apologies for any errors - it has un-fortunately, not been one of my more "comfortable" weekends. Tomorrow will be better.

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    I hope you are feeling better and that life is treating you well.

    You said, "[W]hat pray tell, are their arguments?"

    So far, only one person touched it and they stated that wc was not a "form of insurance", merely a "statutory benefit", so I did not bother to respond, where I perceived this to be an inability to think outside the box. I plan to respond in the future though, when time constraints allow.

    I want to insure my bases are covered at the upcoming hearing, so I am going to make a post here on damages and ask for input.

    I received the hard-copies of the notice in the mail Saturday. Last Wednesday, I noted the hearing notation on the I.C. dolphin system, but could not print a copy of said notices due to some unidentified dolphin error. Opening said snail-mail confirmed that there had been no ether glitch and that its a go.

    Your friend,


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