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    dennison Guest


    Just hot of the press:


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    dennison Guest


    California Applicants' Attorneys Association

    Taking Away My Doctor Delays Healing, Costs Public
    Injured workers and their advocates will announce a major lawsuit against the State of California for taking away their treating doctors.

    Injured workers will present the case behind their lawsuit, and explain how taking away their doctors disrupts and delays their treatment, recovery and return to work. It also costs taxpayers more.

    Injured workers and their advocates will hold a news conference in the State Capitol on Wednesday, November 10th, to blast the State's move to take them away from the doctors they have been seeing.

    Injured workers
    David Schwartz, President,
    California Applicants Attorneys Association

    News conference on lawsuit to prevent disrupting
    doctor-patient relationship

    Wednesday, November 10th, 2004 @ 11 AM

    State Capitol, Room 113

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    aaron Guest


    Dennison have you heard anymore @ the CAAA and the outcome from the meeting?

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    dennison Guest


    have not heard anything yet, will keep everyone posted though as soon as I get updated.

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    pt Guest


    A rather interesting response from a spokesperson for the Association of Insurance Companies, Theo Pahos:

    "Most injured workers' are likely to keep their current Dr.s. Many insurer's do NOT plan on moving Pre-2005 injuries into MPN's, as it's a hassle moreover, many Dr's are likely to be included in the MPN.s."

    Oh.....really ?

    NOT mine. He's got ethic's, and respect in both the domestic and international communities. He plans to keep it....that way.

    Had to fight long and hard to get him, and now I may lose him. He says not to worry., but unfortunately, I do. T W T - It always does.

    Best of luck to all.

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    dennison Guest


    Well if that ain't interesting ????????

    A few weeks ago the TUNE was totally differant, I wonder if the IC's are finally, just maybe coming to their senses ???????

    Oh so now we have finally realized that the MPN selected DR's were worthless to begin with, not certified in specific fields they claimed to be practicing in,
    or maybe not even REAL Dr's ?????

    Got YA........

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    pt Guest



    "Got YA - IC's finally coming to their senses?"

    Understand, if you will... that this is THE Insurance Industries, MEDIA and "for the general and basically clueless, PUBLIC RESPONSE... to a WC issue of which millions of non-injured workers', and their families - California VOTERS' - know little, if anything about.

    "Sounds good - sounds fair. So, hey you injured workers' and all those Attornies' of yours...what's the big deal?"

    "Gee. I dunno. You'll have to ask the Govnr' and Legislators' that question. They're the ones who made all of the WC "Reform".. BIG "deals" - and got all of those IC, special interest, kick-back millions for selling California, IW's.... out."


    "We know that you didn't hear about it on the television News but....but, they really did - real early in the morning, and behind closed doors, too!"

    "Uh-huh....sure they did."

    "Yes; it is the truth, and unfortunately... no BIG secret."

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    dennison Guest


    Well PT,
    as always in WC I guess the answer this time might be:
    " and the rest of the story is.... "

    in the end who knows, I guess the IW's will know when the sun goes down and the cows come home.

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    pt Guest


    I hope that when us "cows" DO come home - and from what my surgeon/PTP says... that these work related injuries of ours, better have lots of objective, medical findings behind em'.

    Subjective, soft tissue and no surgery type injuries, aint gonna' cut it with SB 899. How does a 1 to 3 % rating feel? And those WC, Psych claims ? A thing of the past.

    Only the severely, IW will "survive."

    "What's it all about.. Alfie ?" (Arnold, et al.)

    Actually, a lot of this really does make sense to me - yet, and for some darn reason.... all of THAT sleezy rest of it....CAN'T.

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    pt Guest


    Bad News On The Door-step.....?

    Excerpt taken from an article released on the CAAA Website, November 18th, 2004:

    "The Third District Court of Appeals has denied the Injured Workers' Petition. It cited that no one has yet been forced to give up their chosen doctor.

    David Schwartz, President of the CAAA stated, "It's only a matter of time until this issue comes before the Court. We will refile the lawsuit in the near future and continue to challenge the State's move to force already injured workers' to see company-chosen doctors'."

    T W T

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