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    gemini Guest

    Default Question for the A.J.

    A.J. been a long time seems i can't get a straight answer from anyone ,who files the incident reports to the courts ? when i asked my attorney he claimed i did them and forgot about it ,which is wrong i found out about it when he tried to force me to settle out the claim . i have 3 unknown dates of accident,hopefully talk to you soon thanks

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    aj Guest


    Your attorney would be the one to file the dates of loss with the pleadings. He would have to file a Petition for Benefits with each date of accident in order for it to be recognized by the JOCC. Was a notice of injury completed by your employer for each incident? Did they make a record of the claim?

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    gemini Guest


    he claims that i did and forgot about it .as far as my ex-employer i dont know ,on the jocc website they have diffrent dates of accident .the only two dates of injury are 12-09-01 and 3-27-03that are known to me .there are dates unknown are 11-09-01 -12-08-01 3-26-03 . i am still waiting on the files from my former attorney he quit when i refused to settle and told the courts that i fired him .and i thought it was one ime per accident i had 3not sure i can trust another attorney .i called the adjuster but they refuse to return calls . and a treating dr that has lied in his reports he claims that i am doing well ,but verbally he acknowleges im in pain but refuses pain management due to he doesnt want me addicted to hard narcartics,and it is possible i have rsd but there isnt nothing he can do about it. thanks again

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    gemini Guest


    never mind i will look elsewhere for the answer bye all

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    pooh Guest



    Look back and see if those were dates of treatment. It sounds like the dates corespond with the day before the injury - but also could be the day before treatment was given.

    As for as RSD - there isn't much that can be done for it unfortunately. You need to get it documented that it is from the injury or the treatment. And you may have it. Get a copy of your entire file from this attorney that quit on you - if you ask he has to give you copies - not sure if he can charge for copying the file or not - and go over all the paperwork and then sit back for a bit - and go over it again - writing down notes or dictating notes into a tape recorder while you are going through them. Find any thing that is wrong and those things that are different from one report to the next report.

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    gemini Guest


    thanks Pooh

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    pooh Guest


    your welcome deb

    have you done any research yet on RSD?? There are several great sites on the web. Let me know if you need some help looking them up - I'll be more than happy to help ya.

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    gemini Guest


    thanks Pooh have done my home work on it ,and also neuopathy nerve pain similiar to rsd .just have to find the right dr . hope to catch ya in the chatroom soon

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    pooh Guest



    The above links are links to a message board that deals with neuromuscular diseases - The first is RSD abd the 2nd is for Peripheral Neuropathy. The last link is to the general board.

    I deal with Peripheral Neuropathy myself and actually did find a neurologist here in Oklahoma that would test for it with EMG - at the same time he also tested the one nerve the IC doctor stated I pulled most likely and then they pulled me from that doctor before he could do any follow up. The emg test proved that the doctor was correct!!!!!!

    What you need Deb is actually a good neurologist that isn't afriad to stand up against the IC. Wish you were here in Oklahoma - I would tell ya who to see. Cause this doctor doesn't sound very pro-WC at all. Actually to the opposite after he heard how I originally got injured and I describe what has happened since then.

    Keep your chin up girl - there are doctors out there.

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    gemini Guest


    Pooh, thanks for the info .seems that drs dont want to be bothered because it is comp .they tell me its the insurance companies responsibilty to find me a dr .my ex-attorney says that i dont need a neurologist and alot of people just live with pain and that i should of settled my case .i guess its just something i will just have to learn to live with.i just about called everydr [neurologist] in florida in my area .same answer i have to go through the insurance company ,blah,blah,blah,what amazes me a.j. was wrong it is legal to have 3 ime .the insurance company can have as many as they want to disapprove your injury.

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