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    aj Guest


    I would have to agree with that. It would be nice if there was a quick reference guide that an IW can review once they were injured. One of the problems is that even the statute says one thing case law may have come around that changed the interpertation. It is difficuly enough to keep up with the statute changes but nearly impossible to keep up with all the case law updates.

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    pt Guest


    Yes, frequent changes do occur in Workers' Compensation Law. Confusion regarding interpretation, does abound - there is certainly no doubt about that.

    It appears that once Statutes and current, Case law are established; before you know it, here comes even more changes up the pike.

    That's progress....I guess - Kinda funny though: how the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.

    And yes, you could say that I am being somewhat...IW, cynical.


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    gemini Guest


    thank you thank you thank you all .hi pooh tell driller that i said hi too .

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    gemini Guest


    opps forgot to mention as for the attorney he worked for the insurance company .guess the payoff is better

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    gemini Guest


    hipooh can not find the bill of rights that you were talking about thanks again

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    pooh Guest

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    gemini Guest


    ahhh thank you thank you hugs to you carefully

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    gemini Guest


    yes a day with out pain would be nice wouldnt it?

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    pooh Guest


    yes it would!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    aaron Guest


    Hey can I have one too.....PLEASE, JUST ONE OR TWO.
    I get tired of watching my friends 10 years senior moving about 3 times faster and smoother.
    Maybee those guys who are lifetime members of the Willy Nelson special blend fan club have the right idea.
    Something has to give. LOL
    Good luck to all.

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