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    gemini Guest

    Default Why Settle With Comp

    i was told by a judge yesterday that the reason for settlement with comp is so you can find a dr to pay for your own medical care and treatment . then why bother reporting your injury when your employer isnt responsible ?????????????????????????????????? florida amazes me way to go jeb bush

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    dennison Guest


    Good then make sure when you settle you get enough money to pay for all those Dr's you will need to see for the rest of your life.
    Go Life Care Planners............

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    gemini Guest


    yes for future medical for nerve damage is 1.19 cents per week as for ssd it will be 17 cents per week .and they claim this is fair ??????????????????

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    dennison Guest


    No Gemini you need to get a LCP to evaluate your claim and put a $$$ amount on it they do not figure like that. Talk to your Atty about this.

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    gemini Guest


    Idid my attorney told me i was confused and my lcp is denying my second claim .this was copied from the settlement papers which my attorny said was fair

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