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    sandson Guest


    Currently, I have been getting TTD and I am getting close to MMI but I haven't heard anything from BWC yet. However, it has been brought to my attention that I will be approaching MMI. I am wondering out of curiousity have any of you had one these FCE b/c one of pain doctors has ordered it. Painwise, I am still miserable with RSD in my RT Hand. My docs wanted to either try Morphine or Spinal Cord Stimulator but my body can not tolerate opiods. So, while my docs are trying to determine the next step for my treatment, my employer is trying to screwing me over. Whew, talk about a way to start a new year. Ever week, my week its always something new. Anyway, please forgive me for venting. Any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. Happy New Years.

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    sandson Guest


    Darn , I forgot to add to my previous post that my pain doctor who requested the FCE is not Doctor of Record. Again, any input you guys can give would be great thanks again.

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    mel Guest


    I had an FSE (functional status report) from my pain Dr after completing the pain managment course for a month at his clinic. After 3 knee surgeries and 1 elbow surgery from accident in 2002, I ended up with RSD after the 2nd surgery, currently on morphine and several other meds for all. After a month long of PT and therapy I was tested on all. A rating was given and then the FSR stated what my limitations were. They will try to push you to your max so that your ability and times on each will increase, as will your restrictions adjust to what you are capable of doing.

    This is what the employer will have to follow. Don't know if you have an attorney or not.....mine works with the employer/adj to see if a job can be located that fits these restrictions.

    I still am under Dr's care, I was told there are still parts that haven't been rated due to the RSD spreading and further testing that is needed. These ratings and also restrictions can change as your problems change. Don't understand why they didn't just wait.....

    The employer and adjuster will continue to do what they can to get you off of WC and back to work. Hopefully your Dr will keep your treatment in sight and not be swayed by WC. Sandson,

    This is where an attorney is great, especially with the RSD, and the unknowns from that.

    Hope this helps, 1st pain Dr did want me to have a SCS but I'm not sure about how I feel about those. As far as the morphine pump, 2nd dr doesn't rec them, says some have problems with infections at site. Don't know what I will end up with.

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    sandson Guest


    In my situation I have 2 separate docs. One of the doctors is Occupational Doc (who handles BWC is my doc of record) and the other is Pain Managment(who requested the FSE to begin with).

    Oh So what you are saying is that eventhough my pain doc is not my doc of record, the FSE can still be used by my employer to put me back to work by BWC w/out the use of an IME .

    I have secured a good attorney and I have been told that I will be approaching MMI and will have a good fight ahead.

    Like yourself, I have been through suguries for RSD in the RT Hand. I have had 3 unsucessful nerve blocks, had OT off and on, and triend numerous meds. I am curretly on methadone and zonegran.

    My doctor of record of seems pretty seems on the ball(he has given heads up about approaching MMI lockout). However, my pain doctor is another story b/c I did make it clear to her once the pain is broken down by treatmentand I am doing better painwise (SCS,pump) that I don't want to be stuck working on a so called job making less than I was making before I was injured. I hoping that somehow my family member and I were able to reach an accord with the pain doc so that I don't get screwed already any more than I am with WC.

    So, I curious about the test. Can you give an discription of what it is like? Anylight you can shed is greatly appreaciated.

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    mel Guest


    Mine included the items below and yes it is my understanding that is what the FSR is for to find your limits and restrictions for your employment....which wc wants so they can get you back to work.........ttd cost them a lot of money and it is my understanding over all is the most expensive area for them. (especially since so many don't get the treatment they need)

    -lifting at different levels, with diff amt of weights, weight machine limits, and walking carrying amts of weights
    -walking at different rates on treadmill, outside, they want to get your heart rate up and also check for distance and time limits you can go for, and also on the bike
    -how long you can stand in one place
    -how long you can sit, how often you have to get up
    -what you have to do to get pain relief, ref heat, ice
    -what accomodations you will need medically
    -what you are able to do as far as climbing, stooping, kneeling, bending ect
    -how aften you have to lay down, which they discourage

    These are all I can think of at this time, hope these help. They don't care if the new wages are the same or different, that will be also adjusted in the settlement.....their main concern is getting you back to work doing something, They don't care what it is and will probly assign you a voc reh person to assist in locating a job for you within your limits. This is where the attorny comes in strong. All jobs offers have to go through them and they have so many days to respond if these fall within your restrictions. Then your Dr gets the info and says whether he thinks you can do it or not. If so then you will have to go for the interview, if not it is my understanding that the ttd will stop if you refuse.

    These are all questions you need to ck with your att on due to the state you are in. They all vary and he can advise otherwise for your state.

    Good Luck, it is a long road and gets even tougher as you get further in your case. With RSD, they know that will be problems and hate to see the long term expense that goes with it.

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    gemini Guest


    you can say that again Mel lol ,

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    sandson Guest


    Thanks Mel for shedding some light on this topic. Now , I will have my armour ready to combat the hidden agenda of the system.

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    gemini Guest


    ok tell me i am not going crazy ,the burning stinging sensation i have in my right hand/wrist is in my shoulder and right leg .the drs that i have seen say i am fine ,that there is nothing wrong with me .thedr that said that i possible have rsd has mmi me after 4 days of therapy without pain medication it was too painful to continue the therapy .finding a dr on my own is impossible because its w/c . they dont want to be bothered . does anyone else have the same symptoms ?

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    dennison Guest


    one thing I did years ago, after constantly being told I was fine and their was nothing wrong YEAH RIGHT,
    I sought out a good Dr. in my case a NEUROSURGEON/Pain management specialist, I called him up and asked for an evaluation and said I would pay cash, he offered to do it for $ 350.00. I borrowed the money, got my answer I needed, got a fantastic report, he bacame my Dr and the IC ended up having to reimburse me the $ 350.00. Sometimes you just have to take matters in your own hands in this case it was called self-procurred medical care. I had no other choice, I had to find out what was wrong. I knew I was not imagining things.

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    gemini Guest


    thanks i will keep looking for a dr

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