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    mandy Guest


    I was just curious as I sit her reading these pages, why on Gods green earth would someone purposely file WC for a fake injury? You have a better chance for money if you put yourself in line with a speeding car! <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> I can&#39;t even get my weekly check, which by the way is substantially lower than what I used to make. So I can&#39;t see the point of frauding a screwy system! My family has lost all of our medical benefits, I have lost my only outlet to speak with adults &#40; I love my kids, but these walls close in fast!&#41; I can&#39;t do normal daily life things. And if a PI actually followed me and saw me sit in Church they would claim I could sit for an hour! I am sure they wouldn&#39;t count the squirming or 2 trips to the bathroom to straighten up or the fact that we stand to sing. And God forbid I lift a 5lb bag of sugar! I hate this and I can&#39;t see any draw in doing on purpose! I said I have barely any contact with the outside world so I sit at the computer and b&#42;tch! Just my two cents &#40;actually I didn&#39;t recieve my check this week so I have to take the 2 cents back!

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    dennison Guest


    As an IW but also having been on the other side of having to report Fraud. I hate to say this there are two sides to every coin. Believe it or not, there are people out there that make it a career to commit Fraud on every level, and actually do really well at it until they are caught and prosecuted severly.
    But to me the Fraud commited against IW&#39;s by huge companies, makes me ill on a daily basis.
    Now given it is not every Company and it is not every adjuster, but the ones that do it, sure do a darn good job of it.
    Just like the Fraudulant IW&#39;s that make a living of cheating the system.

    Sadly enough in the World of WC the fingure is mostly pointed at the IW, unless you get IW&#39;s who take the time, sacrifice, etc etc to prove that it is also the other side of the COIN, namly the IC that is at fault.
    This endeavour though is time consuming, hard, nerve racking, stressfull, and tests your ability to survive to the utmost extend one can even imagine.
    All you are left with are two things, Believing you are RIGHT, and Faith. And in the end you do prevail.
    The IC will beat down an IW real easily, they have more resources, more money, lots of time etc etc. A IW on the other hand, is ill, injured, no money, loosing everything, in need of medical care, frustrated, depressed, lonely, helpless you name it.
    The question being &#34;to fight or not to fight? &#34;

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    sacredwolf Guest



    Truer words were never spoken.

    Thank you for sharing a most eloquent and accurate description of a sad reality.

    I believe it is going to take a civil rights movement of the magnitude that this country has not seen since the 60&#39;s to effect major positive change.

    In the interim, we need to expose and prove the fraud perpetrated against us on a case by case &#40;individual&#41; basis.


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    maria Guest


    Mandy - in my opinion, I think it is less a &#34;fake injury&#34; than maybe an injury that occurred NOT on the job, or a light injury that the worker sees as a chance to take little time off work that snowballs on them, or claims for conditions that are just not caused by work or maybe are questionably caused by work.

    I beleive there is a fair percentage of people who can&#39;t make it on their comp so they do work under the table to make ends meet. This is fraud.

    Exaggerate symptoms to the doctors when they are not going to be able to return to their jobs, so they try to maximize their settlement.

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    baileybug Guest


    I truly believe if this was a no-fault system and the goal was really to get the employee to be returned to work, it would be a less costly system. But with the insurance companies having to pay for the attorneys, the adjusters, the secretarial staff, supplies, the investigators, and they need of course to make a 390% profit rather than a 50% profit, someone has to lose-- and it usually is the injured worker.

    Many employers, especially those who are self-insured, operate from a penny wise pound foolish position. Say no to everything, and maybe the injured worker will just go away.

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    dennison Guest


    Thus the saying,
    Delay , delay hope they go away.
    Deny, deny, hope then they will die.

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    sacredwolf Guest



    You said, &#34;Exaggerate symptoms to the doctors when they are not going to be able to return to their jobs, so they try to maximize their settlement.&#34;

    Interesting point. I am noticing more and more that defense docs are alleging &#34;symptom magnification&#34; &#40;exaggeration of symptons&#41;as their niche part of the overall attempt by the entire defense team to wrongfully impeach the injured worker.

    How much actual impeachment mileage would you estimate the defense gets out of an unsubstantiated bogus allegation of &#34;symptom magnification&#34; by a defense doc?


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    retired Guest


    People make claims for all sorts of reasons. One motivator is that a worker may seek necessary medical treatment believing that merely because his/her injury occurred on the job, then the injury/disability is compensable.

    I dealt with a matter last year where the injured worker claimed his head injury resulted from his having fallen of a 15 foot high balcony at the job site, landing on the floor face down, fracturing his left cheek bone, sustaining a 4 cm laceration just above the L eye and sustaining contusions to his left shoulder. He later complained of dizziness and loss of clear vision, left eye. The injured worker, and make no mistake he was seriously injured, said he feel off the balcony because &frac14; inch board the railing he was leaning on gave way.

    I drove out to the work site several hours after the accident with my camera and tape recorder to look to determine the details of what appeared initially to be an unsafe work environment, and to talk with the injured

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    sacredwolf Guest



    I had not seen you post since your post about &#34;robber barons.&#34; Was wondering how you were doing. I always enjoy reading your well written posts.


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    anon Guest


    Thanks for the inside story, retired.

    Wolf - I don&#39;t think the doctors get very far with &#34;symptom magnification&#34; unless they can back it up with medical evidence.

    &#34;Thus the saying,
    Delay , delay hope they go away.
    Deny, deny, hope then they will die. &#34; That&#39;s just disgusting. On the other hand, I say &#34;pay not or pay later&#34;

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